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Founder and Father, Peter Rohrig, had a vision of combining excellence in medical infant products with appealing designs; in 1976 the combination did not exist. He created the vehicle MAM, and grouped together scientists, doctors and designers from the Vienna University of Applied Arts. Today, the baby feeding brand is sold in over 60 countries across 5 continents and estimates 50 million MAM products are favoured for purchase by consumers each year.

The highly successful brand is appropriate for use from birth to 3yrs and offers a product range of approximately 70 items. Its team of approximately 550 staff boast brand accolades of over 48 awards and holds 61 technology patents and 273 design patents. The combination of all these factors result in feeding equipment that is proven to be best for a healthy and happy baby whilst being aesthetically gorgeous and on trend. As a leading UK distributor, the retailer brand selection would be incomplete at Baby Brands Direct without MAM.

Notable products within the range include it’s unique anti-colic, self-sterilising bottles that have a patented vented base proven to reduce symptoms of colic and regurgitation. They also feature a unique self-sterilising option, by dismantling and re-assembling the bottle in a different order and water added, they can be placed in the microwave directly and sterilised. In addition, the brand’s bottle teats were also rewarded by statistics that confirmed it had an acceptance rate of 94%.

Retailer attention is also drawn to the MAM Perfect Soothers that received a 95% agreement in a survey of 220 leading dental experts, that the soother reduced the risk of malocclusions (misaligned teeth). The development of this followed extensive research into existing soothers, with the conclusion that materials used in the manufacture and the shape of pacifiers could exert excessive pressure on teeth and jaws leading to potential future complications. MAM is the market leader in Soothers in a variety of countries including: USA, Sweden and France.

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MAM supports breast feeding mums with their technical innovation and unique designs. From their famous soothers and bottles to cushioned breast pumps, MAM’s funky, fresh designs are valued and are sure to appeal to parents. Retailers can obtain this brand, a proven success of functional innovation and design, from wholesaler Baby Brands Direct.

MAM says, “The basic requirements for a good MAM partnership are an appreciation of the need for quality in providing premium levels of service in design and technology, faith in the power of the shared network, a real passion and commitment to our products, and a love for MAM babies and their parents.”