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Originally a British brand, Matchbox was founded in 1953 by a die-casting company, Lesney Products. The Company’s future success and world reputation for its easily recognisable die-cast toy cars was precipitated when one of the owners created a toy for his daughter that had to be small enough to fit in a matchbox as per her school’s regulations. The concept was born and mass market sales resulted in scaled down model vehicles in ‘matchboxes’, these original boxes are themselves now a collector’s items and sold at premium.

The Company is well known for taking detailed photographs of the real models, even obtaining original blueprints to enable them to make very high quality, detailed models despite the small scale, which enabled them to occupy a market niche. By 1997, ownership of the brand was acquired by Mattel, the largest toy company in the world, and as a distributor of the manufacturer’s products the Matchbox collection is now available wholesale at Baby Brands Direct. The toy range for trade supply includes a small selection of die cast toys and vehicle playsets under the licence of Jurassic World.


Baby Brands Direct has been distributing Mattel toys for 10years to the independent trade retail sector within toys, nursery and pharmacy. Matchbox is a brand acquired by Mattel in 1997 and produces die-cast toys and more recently playsets, including featuring a line of toys under the Jurassic World licence for which it has produced a replica submarine, gyrosphere and dinosaur transport vehicles as seen in the movies.