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mOmma is a range of baby and toddler feeding products originally from Italy and purposefully designed to uniquely encourage baby’s motor skill development and discovery during feeding. Since 2006, this revolutionary line executes an exceptional stylish combination of round shape, bright colours, and a unique rocking motion to engage, mentally develop and entertain babies during (often stressful) mealtimes. As a result they grow, become more self-assured, learn and have fun.

In 2011, the notable Lansinoh brand acquired mOmma in order to expand its own product line to meet the needs of parents and developing babies. Its partner of choice selected for its beautiful designs, hand-crafted brand and unique educational design features and BPA free technology that is safe for children of all ages. Wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct distributes supply of the novel development feeding brand to independent pharmacy and nursery retailers valuing the brand’s mission, “to combine function and beauty, and to surround baby with attractive products starting from their early days, because beauty is also a value that must be taught to your babies”.


Commenting on the acquisition of mOmma by Lansinoh Laboratories Inc., Jacques Naim, Managing Director and co-founder of the company said, “The mission of mOmma is to support research and development of innovative and contemporary baby products that combine function and beauty. mOmma brand products are developed with safety, creativity, design, entertainment, and nourishing aspects in mind. We look forward to bringing safe, innovative, and modern products to market with Lansinoh, and to our joint efforts in meeting the needs of parents and babies.”

The distribution agreement between Baby Brands Direct and mOmma is strong with the relationship enabling regular exclusive promotional offers to the supportive independent pharmacy and nursery store specialists. Lottie Haigh, Senior Brand Manager at Lansinoh comments, 'We remain committed to the strategic relationship as we know our wholesaler champions the quality, innovation and good value for money the brand provides for their customers.’