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NUK’s brand ethos is their strap line, “Understanding Life”, where product solutions are developed in response to scientific findings and comments by parents. Founded in 1956 by two leading German dental health experts, Dr.Wilhelm Balters and Dr. Adolf Müller, who together developed the first asymmetrically shaped teat accurately modelled on the form of a mother’s breast, having evidenced that bottle fed babies, were more prone to misaligned teeth than breastfed babies. Today the brand is the best-selling baby brand in Germany and sold in over 110 countries worldwide.

UK distributor Baby Brands Direct is a leading supplier to independent retailers of this award winning feeding range that is the only brand to have all their teats and soothers approved by the British Dental Health Foundation and prove that they make it easier for mother and child to alternate between breast and bottle feeding through a clinical trial. They also offer strong healthcare credentials with 3 million NUK Teats being supplied to the NHS each year and 93% of paediatricians and 87% of midwives recommend the brand (GFK research).

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WIN a Bundle of Winnie the Pooh Products from NUK!WIN a Bundle of Winnie the Pooh Products from NUK!
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NUK’s products are manufactured within its own factories in Germany and adhere to the highest of medical quality standards and independently monitored bi-annually. The brand has a heritage of successful trading for over 60 years with its products being engineered through knowledge and experience gained from midwives, paediatricians, dentists, nutritionists and of course parents. Baby Brands Direct has been an appointed distributor of NUK products within the UK to independent retailers since 2009.

NUK says, “Every year and every generation has left its mark on NUK’s knowledge, helping us to develop products that consistently make a difference”. The demands of the twentieth century for natural products that are suitable for babies are constantly changing – with every generation having different needs.