Paddington Bear
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A classic, fictional bear in children’s literature, he was created by Michael Bond in 1958; having been inspired by a teddy bear he bought his wife in a shop near Paddington Station. The author went on to write a series of 20 books about him which have been translated into 30 languages and sold over 30 million copies worldwide. The friendly and courteous Peruvian bear is known for his love of marmalade, London, inadvertently getting into trouble and is easily recognisable in his iconic hat and duffle coat whilst carrying his battered suitcase.

From toddler to adult, demand prevails for Paddington Bears, escalated by TV appears from the books series aired in the mid-70s, to adverts for Marmite from 2007 and most recently his movie adaptation starring actress Nicole Kidman in 2014; where his animated form interacts with live action. Following this licences’ increased publicity and news of a planned movie sequel, Baby Brands Direct offer wholesale supply of these Paddington Bears in a variety of styles and price points to retailers.

Paddington Bear

The first Paddington Bear stuffed toy was created in 1972 by the parents of ex Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. Gabrielle Designs Ltd., dressed the bear in wellington boots to help the teddy bear stand up for an enhanced in store presentation and sales, which the author, Michael Bond later introduced into the story line (1964 Christmas gift) and became part of Paddington’s iconic look.

During the launch of the Paddington movie, 50 of his statues were placed around key landmarks in London to celebrate the character and were later sold with its proceeds going to charity. The iconic bear makes for an essential line in all gift and nursery independent stores of which retailers can obtain wholesale supply from Baby Brands Direct.