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The successfully patented concept in 2005 by the inventor Julie Dix, was inspired by her children's affection and attachment to smooth, satiny looped tags. The key attributes that the collections’ products feature are tags in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures (wide, thin, silky, textured, bright-coloured, pastel, shiny, solid) that function as a means for providing sensory stimulation for children via either their passive (ocular) or active (tactile) interaction with the item.

The comfort blankets are the staple baby products of the range featuring two pieces of fabric design sewn together with a vast number of tags adorning the sides of the item; serving as both a comforter and development product. The award winning range has grown tremendously in toy products particularly with the backing of nursery giant and manufacturer KidsII. Stimulating the senses these baby products set the process of physical, emotional and social development forming a valued component of a nursery range. These Taggies products are exclusively distributed by Baby Brands Direct in the UK.

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Tactile stimulation is important for the development of babies and toddlers as they learn through this sensory stimulation. Commenting on the importance of exploring texture, child development author and expert, Jackie Silberg, says, “Babies need a variety of tactile experiences to become familiar with their world. An infant spends the majority of his first year of life learning through these tactile experiences. Babies need touching experiences to “grow” the brain and “grow” the body. It is as critical as nutrients and vitamins. Exploring texture is something that babies love to do. You can use silky cloth, materials that are fuzzy, smooth, and furry.”


Taggies is available to independent trade to buy from multi award winning wholesaler Baby Brands Direct. Commenting on the distribution, Thomas Baker, European Sales Director at Kids II said, “We are delighted to have Baby Brands Direct exclusively distributing Taggies into the UK independent market. Their modern and efficient service and excellent customer service provides an excellent match with Kids II and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership together.”