Braun Age Precision®Digital Stick

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Product code : BRN-SAF01

Braun digital stick thermometers bring parents all of the quality, accuracy and innovation of the Braun brand but in a smaller product. Now with Age Precision technology, this Braun digital stick thermometer helps parent interpret their child’s temperature even more correctly to give them additional reassurance. Parents can simply select their child’s age and the colour coded display will help them understand the temperature reading based on the age of their child once the measurement is done. The Braun Age Precision Digital Stick PRT2000 offers professional levels of temperature accuracy and consistency that one can rely on time after time. It gives parents temperature readings in just 8 seconds and provides the added reassurance of an alarm which sounds if a high fever temperature is recorded.

  • Highly accurate thermometer with fast 8-second reading
  • Easily set age with Age Precision button : 0-3 m, 3-36 m, 36-adult
  • Sound fever alarm beeps confirm temperature taking is completed
  • Memory recalls the last temperature reading
  • Flexible tip
  • Large LCD screen
  • BPA free