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There really is no end to the fun a child can have with their imagination- so why not assist their parents in encouraging it? By purchasing a toy phone or remote, parents can help nurture their little one's desire to imagine. The excitement that the Fisher-Price Laugh Click & Learn Remote brings when dangled in front of little ones is extraordinary. Not only will it help baby to learn about numbers, colours and greetings but pressing the buttons on the remote will help develop baby's fine motor skills.

Many parents try to help their little one develop a vivid imagination, so what better way to help them than filling your store shelves with myriad playtime choices? Top toy brands including VTech, Leap Frog, and Tomy offer a multitude of extra engaging features to spark curiosity, imagination and teach social skills. Stock this range now and we will ensure fantastic wholesale prices and efficient service.

Baby Brands Direct is the business to business wholesaler supplying the latest in phones and gadgets for babies. The independent retailers can now stock from the internationally recognized brands at unbeatable price points. Phones and Gadgets industry segment keeps on growing just like the real phones and gadgets are, no wonder kids want one for themselves and of course parents would prefer to give them a toy rather than the real thing. The items available in stock do not only resemble the real life gadgets but also have unique built in features to stimulate the little ones development. With so many benefits for the end client, retailers who chose to shop from us have the immediate opportunity to increase their profits.