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Gadgets are big business. The sales of smartphones alone have trebled from 2013-20*, so it’s hardly surprising that gadgets for kids are ever-more popular. Children want to emulate their parents and older siblings, so toy cameras, smartwatches, remotes and games controllers are bound to be popular with your customers. Aside from the fact that they make fun, impulse purchases, they save the real gadgets being broken by curious little hands!

Plus, toy gadgets tend to have a few more desirable extras than the real thing – they encourage little ones to press buttons to hear sounds, learn colours, numbers and the alphabet. Toy games controllers make lovely presents for an older child to give to their younger sibling – as well as keeping a baby or toddler away from the real thing, it offers a connection between the older and younger child.

As always, Baby Brands Direct aims to stock toys from the best-quality toy makers in the category – this time it’s Vtech, Fisher-Price, Janod and Leap Frog.

What makes toy gadgets camera & robots such good sellers?

Children are surrounded by more technology than ever before – from smart TVs to smartphones, smartwatches, cameras and more. Toys can help little ones understand the world around them, so products that resemble everyday items have a valuable part to play. It’s often not safe – or cost effective – to let little ones near expensive pieces of kit, so buying them own toy version has several benefits. First, it saves the real thing from getting damaged or lost, second it introduces little ones to a world that is full of different gadgets, and third, it can spark an interest in a hobby such as photography, that can last a lifetime.

What developmental value do they have?
Toy gadgets usually have some educational value too – for very little ones, a play games controller such as the Fisher-Price Laugh N Learn Controller encourages fine motor skills, creative thinking and colour, number and alphabet learning. Or they can be just like mummy or daddy with the Laugh n Learn Smart Watch. Budding photographers can play at taking photos with Janod’s lovely wooden camera, while older children can graduate to something like the VTech Kidizoom Duo cameras, which can help them start to put their creative skills to the test. Walkie talkies encourage communication skills and independence, while being a relatively low-tech kind of gadget. They also provide a low-risk way to help children learn to be responsible for a gadget and can be used as a test run for kids who might be looking to get a smart phone in the future. For customers who are going camping or planning lots of walks, a pair of walkie talkies can help kids keep in touch with a parent or sibling but allow them a little more freedom. They are also fun for any kind of outdoor play, such as exploring the countryside, walks in the park, games of hide and seek and lots more.

Selling opportunities
With toy gadgets that range from something for baby, to cameras and smart watches that are suitable for children up to the age of nine, Baby Brands Direct offers the retailer a number of opportunities to sell up and on as children grow. If your customers are trying to avoid video games but are looking for a portable entertainment idea for car travel the Leap Frog Rockit Twists are a novel idea. Without the need for a data connection or Wi-Fi, children can play games, look after virtual pets or play their own choice of music.

Once they’re out of the car, a toy smartwatch, like the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 will encourage children to get active and explore their surroundings. Perfect for parents who are concerned that their children aren’t getting enough exercise. Then, if young explorers want to learn about places further away than a car ride the Leapfrog Magic Interactive Globe lets them travel the world via high-quality BBC videos, and fun games.