Car & Pram Seat Inserts

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Car seats can be harsh on baby’s body, especially in heavy traffic with all the stopping and starting. The same goes for prams, especially if you have got an inexperienced parent on the handle bars. Therefore, it is vital for parents to provide a smooth undisturbed journey for the little ones and clearly for themselves too. A car pram seat insert purpose is to provide soothing comfort and increased safety thanks to their built in cushions and quilted edges.

Our range of inserts from Babymoov gives baby a comfortable journey wherever they are going, offering a cosy and fresh experience even in rocky conditions. Click though to discover further benefits of those fantastic products.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading supplier of car and pram seat inserts to the global independent trade. Supplying only the premium baby brands means you stocking only the highest quality items that are simply faster and easier to sell. That is because each of our suppliers are globally recognized and parents trust them. Your stock updates cannot be easier; we have selected the best sellers, described them in detail and provided you with sufficient media footage, all available to you for your own business purposes. Last, but not least our unbeatable wholesale prices and further volume discounts allow you to fulfil your stock and your customers' demands.