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Playing with train sets is not only fun for children, but can be an essential part of their development because of the physical act of moving toys around which helps encourage motor skills. Problem solving is a crucial skill for little ones to learn and by playing with these train sets, they are able to learn how to build tracks so their toy trains can continue to move without obstacles.

Our train set range simply would not be complete without chubby cheeked Thomas the Tank Engine from big brand Mattel, a wonderful steward of brands. The Thomas and Friends Spills and Thrills on Sodor and Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set include large colourful pieces that nurture the desire to play and explore. Shop this range now and we guarantee a fast and trustworthy service with competitive wholesale prices!

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning UK based wholesaler supplying the independent business with kids’ cars, trains and planes. The ever-green classics appear in innovative designs providing entertainment and development at the same time. Our portfolio features premium brands that deliver high quality. The brands parents prefer to shop. Besides, our latest range features popular items from favourite kids’ shows and stories. Every car, train and plain is made of safe materials and facilitates endless hours of play. To view each item unique features you simply have to log in and load their individual product’s page.