Changing Bags

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The changing bag is a vital piece of equipment for any parent of a baby or toddler. It’s the bag that goes everywhere - in the car, on a day out, on a walk - there’s nowhere that bag isn’t taken!

Changing bags contain everything you might need when out with a small child or baby. Obviously there’s nappies, creams, wipes, and usually a portable changing mat. There may be extra bottles, formula, baby food, snacks and more buried inside too, along with changes of clothes, muslins, dummies and drinks. As well as supplying the changing bag itself, retailers can help customers kit it out with everything they may need.

Changing bags have to be practical and hard-wearing. After all, they are going to be carried around for at least the next two years of the baby’s life - and probably longer. So quality is important - something we always bear in mind when we choose changing bags stocked by Baby Brands Direct.

Why are changing bags such great sellers?

A great-quality changing bag makes a lovely gift - and is often something an experienced parent might buy as a present for a new parent-to-be, because they know how useful it is. There is nothing worse than being caught short of the necessary equipment when out and about with a small baby - so feeling safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need in your trusty changing bag is a great comfort to anyone in charge of a baby.

With so many working parents, baby’s and small children are often cared for by other caregivers, whether family or childminders, and knowing that everything they need is packed in that changing bag can give the parent piece of mind that their child has everything they need, even if they are not there.

What are the benefits of changing bags?

Aside from the fact that all the baby’s necessary bits and pieces are in one place, the changing bag usually has some other useful attributes. Most changing bags come complete with their own changing mat, and some have some useful accessories. The Safety 1st Backpack Change, for example, comes complete with baby wipes box, removable baby bottle pocket and soother pocket. It also has lots of pockets so it's easy to find small things such as packs of snacks, extra socks, little sunhats and so on. The backpack is also highly practical, leaving your hands free to push a pram or buggy, or carry a baby or small child. It’s backpack style and simple design makes it more appealing to both mums and dads.

What do parents look for in changing bags?

Some mums will want a bag that looks more like a stylish handbag - just because they have become a parent they don’t want to lose their sense of style! For others, something that is unisex is important so that if a male carer is in charge of a baby they don’t feel awkward carrying the bag around. Parents who are quite active will concentrate on a bag that is comfortable to wear while walking, while others may be looking for one that will hook easily onto the buggy or pram handle. Whatever their style, there are some things that everyone wants in a changing bag. Mesh pockets are great for spotting things you need in a hurry - spare dummies, wipes etc. A wipe-clean interior is important, because who knows when a bottle might leak or you’ll forget that banana until it has turned to mush! A waterproof pouch or pocket is great for wet clothes or nappies too. Being able to look at changing bags, try them on and see how they feel is quite important when buying at retail.