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A newborn baby can get through up to 12 nappies a day - and by the time a toddler is potty trained, mums and dads have probably changed around 7,000 nappies! No wonder products for nappy changing and potty training sell so well.

Here at Baby Brands Direct we offer wholesale delivery of all kinds of nappy and training products - from nappy disposal units and wipes to baby changing bags, mats and training seats. For retailers, selling ranges suitable for newborns through to toddlers and beyond puts you in the position of being a one-stop shop for all these necessary baby items - and you will find customers will come back to you as their baby reaches the next stage in the toileting process.

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene - always important for parents of newborns - has become an even more vital part of looking after children, so we stock a wide range of hand sanitisers, wipes and sprays from trusted brand Milton.

Changing & Potty Training

Why do nappy changing products sell so well?

As we mentioned, the 7,000 or so nappy changes one child experiences will certainly have an effect on that! The other point is that these are not products you can get as you go along - nappy-changing products will be needed from the outset, so will be bought for baby showers, as gifts for newborns, by grandparents and by parents-to-be, in order to be well prepared when baby comes along.

Also, parents will often need more than one of many items. For instance, parents of newborns are advised to have nappy changing stations upstairs and downstairs, so that they don’t need to leave their little one alone should they need an urgent nappy change, and will always have what they need to hand. It also saves a lot of running up and down the stairs - important for a mum who has just experienced labour, or a Caesarean, or is just plain tired! So items such as changing mats might often be bought in pairs - there may even be another one kept at a grandparents or other carer’s home.

And what about Potty Training products?

When toddlers are ready to be potty trained is a matter of guesswork! Some children are ready to start taking that step before they turn two, for most it is between two and two and a half, but it can be later. Because it is a less exact science, parents are always keen to be prepared, because once their little one shows signs of knowing when they need the toilet, they want to get started straight away - not have to run off to the shops to buy all the necessary equipment. So potties tend to be bought several months before they are needed.

Another issue that makes potty training products popular is that many preschools will not accept children who are not potty trained. This means that, unless they have special needs, little ones could miss out on vital socialisation and early education opportunities, and working parents could struggle to find childcare. So, many parents are keen to ensure their little ones are potty trained by the ‘right’ age - making products that encourage the process, such as mini toilets that play music more and more popular.

What are the benefits of potty training products?

Baby Brands Direct stocks a number of ‘mini toilet’ potties by trusted brands such as Fisher Price and Summer Infant. The fact that the potties look like toilets is designed to make the transition from potty to using the toilet in the family bathroom far easier. Getting used to the look and shape of it can be half the battle to success as little ones graduate to going to the toilet, just like the grown-ups. When that time comes, Baby Brands Direct stocks step stools and training seats to make the transition to the big toilet go without a hitch! For retailers, being able to supply customers with everything needed from newborn to preschooler age is a bonus.