Comfort Blankets

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If there is one thing babies crave, aside from the essentials, it is comfort. Comfort comes in a lot of forms, most notable from the parents, but Baby Brands Direct is here to make sure they have some help. A baby can become much attached to a blanket with many struggling to give it up 4 years later when the ends are frayed and falling apart. It can be a great help to a child when their parents are not around, which is why we are committed to making big brand products like: Lamaze, Peter Rabbit and Peppa Pig available to you at great wholesale prices.

The following selection also features brands like Rainbow, Tinny Tatty Teddy and many more to offer you with sufficient variety for your store. The blankets are safe to use from birth onwards. They are made of soft, cuddly and safe materials. Some of them even have rattles to enhance product’s functionality. There are not just blankets, but they also encourage little ones senses and babies use of fine motor skills. Besides the items are small, easy to display and store. It short, the cosy comfort blankets are a great investment for the independent retailer.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of baby comfort blankets to the independent retail. We offer dropship services along with further volume discounts and many other business benefits. You only have to stay in-line with the latest products updates, ongoing promotions and business incentives.

Comfort blankets play a significant role in the gift industry. They have also become a popular gift choice for a newborn celebrations and baby showers. We provide you with a versatile quality and great value for money so you can provide your customers with larger assortment of baby comfort blankets to appeal to a large group of buyers.