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The Comfort & Harmony Collection is designed to exceed baby's comfort needs while appealing to mom's sense of style. It forms one of the premium brands housed within the portfolio of nursery brands owned by global US giant, Kids II. As a growing company, delivering continued increased market share, it is benefiting from significant leaps in consumer awareness and trust.

The Comfort & Harmony nursery products are ideal for stores looking for slightly more luxurious staple items. For example their baby bouncers, that make up approximately 30% of Bright Starts overall sales, vibrate, sing and soothe baby, within a padded, plush cradle that feature a removable head support.

A spokesperson for the Company says, ‘Everything we do at Comfort and Harmony comes down to two things: Your baby and You. Your time together is so precious and so fleeting, that we want both of you to get the most from every moment.’ Baby Brands Direct is the appointed UK supplier of this brand to independent retailers.

Fabric, design, safety, and practically are the details we all look for when purchasing baby clothing - not to mention the cuteness factor! Following retailer requests you will find here a selection of clothing brands each offering their own personality and unique market. Starting with the basic necessity baby clothing to high quality Rock outfits to dress up Disney costumes!

As a result of the latest celebrity and fashion trends, the baby’ clothing industry is worth billions and continues to grow. Parents are enjoying dressing up their little ones like never before. We believe that our clients should take advantage of the current market opportunities and have categorised the lines into baby outfits, sleepsuits, sleep bags, costumes, bodysuits, swaddles and baby bibs. By having it all in one place, our clients can tap into the different cultural preferences, with minimal cash outlay whilst capitalising on local demand.


Baby Clothing

David Vandermeersch National Account Manager at KidsII comments, “At Comfort & Harmony, we want parents to get the most from ever fleeting moments with their baby. Our products are designed to create comfy and nurturing environments. Think: luxury soft fabrics, lovable characters, trendy patterns, and ergonomic designs. Independent retailers can become stockists of the brand through our nominated, sole UK wholesale supplier, Baby Brands Direct; offering next day delivery and loyalty credit.”


Baby Brands Direct wholesales Rockabye baby, a brand that even babies are happy with. We offer you a superb selection of incredibly soft blankets that will keep babies cosy and warm. Super stylish, these blankets are embroidered with adorable bears and all-time favourite Disney character, Winnie the Pooh. Available in calming cream colours, wonderful pastel tones and a vibrant green, we offer a diverse selection of blankets to suit your range of clientele.

A warm baby is a happy baby, and nothing keeps the heat in like a baby bodysuit. Rockabye Baby and Gorgeous Gifts are two of the leading industry’s leaders working with us to supply you with the latest fashion in sleepwear. Bibs are an essential part of a baby's wardrobe, especially if parents have a messy eater on their hands. As a necessary, yet low value item, retailers can generate a good amount of profit through impulse and add on purchases. To find out more profit driven items, browse through the following pages.