Comfort Soothers
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A third of adults still sleep with a comfort object from their childhood, according to the latest research. Whether it’s a special blanket, plush toy or pillow, it’s clear that these baby and toddler soothers from childhood prove to be a long-lasting and important part of their lives – even as grown-ups.

With advances in technology, there are now more products than ever to tailor to the specific whim of every child. Along with standard blankets and teddies, today’s children can be lulled to sleep by soft toys that feature soothing sounds, soft lights and gentle lullabies.

Retailers can be assured that comfort objects will always be good sellers, because parents are always striving to get children to sleep! In addition, as babies get older, they need different ways to help them get to sleep as sleep patterns and routines change.

Baby Brands Direct prides itself in the selection and distribution of only quality products that are safe and long lasting whilst ensuring that retailers have access to a wholesome selection of effective product types at a range of price points.

Comfort Soothers