Cot Bumper Books

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Cot bumper books bridge the gap from birth to the point where baby can begin to engage in more complicated activities. With strong colours and pictures on one side and more detailed illustrations on the other, Tiny Love have designed a book that will amuse baby for at least the first 6 months of his life. The Double Sided First Book, a dual-stage illustration book encourages visual stimulation and promotes the development of baby’s senses and cognitive skills.

Our range includes cot bumper books ideal to use for extend tummy time, are easy to hold by small arms and they fit most carriers. To view each item’s specific features you simply have to log in.

Baby Brands Direct is a wholesale dropshipper of cot bumper books to the independent trade. Cot bumper books have grown in popularity and play a significant role in the expanding gifts market. Cot bumper books are one of the top twenty items on baby shower’s list. With this said, it is evident that we can only expect higher sales and greater interest in this particular product.

Our selection of cot bumper books is developed by experts who extensively research the market, parents’ preferences and of course babies responses. The newest cot bumper books available for wholesale are developed with baby’s development at the forefront. Then there are come factors such as: engagement, safety and practicality. Nursery shops can now stock on the latest and trendiest thus offering their customers with great value for money.