Cot Bumper Books

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Sensory stimulation is vital to healthy development, and our cot bumper books, with their appealing pictures and soft fabric makeup, ensure that babies are entertained, even while laying in their cot.

Our cot bumper books come from trusted brands such as Taf Toys and Baby Love, so will be favoured by parents. For the retailer, these books are an easy sell - priced at a very affordable level, and with the added appeal of educational and developmental benefits - parents, grandparents and family friends will be inspired to pick these up as an everyday gift for babies.

As well as encouraging little ones to enjoy books from an early age, the cot bumper books from wholesale supplier Baby Brands Direct are the perfect addition to tummy time - a recognised essential developmental activity - and provide the sensory stimulation that is vital to healthy development in babies.

Why do cot bumper books sell so well?

People always want to buy presents for new babies - they might want to pop something in the post or drop a small gift round to new parents - and cot bumper books are perfect, lightweight and come in at a reasonable price point. They offer something a bit different from the usual baby toys - plush toys, rattles and so on - and provide play value until the baby is five or six months old. With obvious developmental and educational benefits, they will appeal to anyone who wants to buy something that is ‘more than just a toy’.

What are the benefits of cot bumper books?

Babies need sensory stimulation to aid their development. When they lie in a cot, they often can’t really see very much - especially as they are unable to see objects further than a few inches away - and babies can spend a lot of time in their crib! A cot bumper book will be at just the right distance for a young baby to focus on. The colours and patterns are specially chosen to help stimulate visual senses and allow the baby to practise coordinating eye movements to improve focus. A baby who has something stimulating to keep it occupied while in a cot is less likely to fuss or cry, which will be a bonus for sleep-deprived parents!

You might wonder why our cot bumper books have one side filled with bold black-and-white designs and the other full of colourful images. Those black-and-white images help to stimulate the development of the optic nerves in young babies and aid cognitive development, without being over-stimulating. Older babies will appreciate the colourful images. Differing textures, contrasting shapes and fun characters help to stimulate the senses, and sensory stimulation is a vital part of development, encouraging the brain to create nerve connections, which will eventually enable the baby to complete more complex learning tasks. Added activities such as play pockets and 3D activities will also encourage the development of fine motor skills.

Our cot bumper books are freestanding, so they can become part of tummy time. During tummy time, the baby is placed on their front (while being supervised of course). This has a number of benefits; it can prevent them developing flat spots on their head (baby’s skulls are not yet fully fixed and the bone plates can move if the baby lies in the same position all the time). The other major benefit of tummy time is to encourage muscle strength in the neck and shoulders in order to encourage rolling, crawling and sitting up. Finally, cot bumper books are perfect for entertainment on the go. They can be folded up and taken anywhere - great if you are out for the day or visiting friends and family overnight,