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One of the worst fears for a parent is their child getting lost after wandering off. Many see reins as a last resort but it gets to a point where a child cannot be trusted to stay with a parent and reins are the only choice remaining.

Lindam, the UK’s number one brand when it comes to child safety equipment have made their range of reins available for wholesale purchase on Baby Brands Direct. Their fun pack harness and reins is easy to carry and pack away, making the threat of reins for a child a very real prospect. The best-selling pack harness features a big front pocket where littles ones can carry their own belongings. The item is cleverly designed and includes further specifications that you will find on the individual product page.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of baby and child reins. We provide enhanced safety items to the independent sector. As a global supplier, we have seen the necessity of this particular product, regardless of country. Parents do find the reins as the easy and safe way to walk along with their little ones. That is why we have put together a selection of reins that are developed by experts and tested by parents. Retailers can fulfil their stock with the latest inventions that are guaranteed unbeatable price points.