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The much loved Disney brand is synonymous with magic and childhood. It has remained a trusted choice of many leading baby brands in the nursery industry to feature on their products for their added value to sales. The licence is universally appealing and is kept relevant and exciting with its brand heritage, continued cartoon TV series, theme parks, stores, online games and movies.

Baby Brands Direct is a Disney Babies merchandise and toy wholesaler in the UK; offering retailers an extensive selection of nursery products, featuring timeless characters including Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Retailers can source a range of baby outfits by Travis Designs to baby bottles and soothers by baby feeding product manufacturing NUK; making for truly ever green baby products that ‘create magical moments right from the start’.

As an all-inclusive and reputable wholesaler to nursery and pharmaceutical retailers, Baby Brands Direct only stocks the highest quality feeding brands. Holding wholesale distribution rights with nursery brands like Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature, Dr. Brown's, NUK, MAM, and Munchkin Latch, Baby Brands Direct is able to offer retailers a variety of price points. Our extensive catalogue features: glass bottles, anti-colic systems, BPA free bottles, bottle vent systems, brushes, gift sets, kits and a vast range of accessories. In the rather competitive market, you are able to quickly discover the latest and the most demanded baby feeding products in one place.

As a worldwide distributor, we have been marketing top rated products, assuring we offer our clients wholesale prices that drive their businesses further. With extensive information on each item, you can quickly understand product specifications and functions. Providing volume discounts and quality products, means business that cares. Parents care about their little ones just like we care about our clients.

Bottles, Teats & Accessories

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928, lending his own voice to this classic character from 1928-1947 and 1955-1959. Mickey Mouse has appeared in over 130 films of which one, won an Academy Award for best Animated Short Film.

A firm favourite, set within the childhood of generations, the baby product range supplied by wholesaler Baby Brands Direct, serves as an ideal gift collection as well as an enjoyable purchase for parents wanting to celebrate the uniqueness of their baby’s special time with illustrated products. Pharmacists to Garden centres can benefit from supply of these baby products that make for ideal gift and impulse purchases; whilst being quality assured by leading nursery manufacturers.


With so many different types of feeding equipment available, Baby Brands Direct has been assisting retailers to select the most demanded products in a timely manner. We have eased the stocking process so that you take the most of the ever growing industry. The booming baby market has proved that providing customer’s experience is the very best selling point. Experience goes a long way through design and implementation ideas.

Safety is in baby’s feeding products. Baby Brands Direct works with the leading names in the industry to deliver high quality and innovation to our global client base. Our premium selection is often found in parental guides, popular blogs and magazines where our bottles, teats and accessories are highly rated for their practicality and quality.