Disney Zootropolis Deluxe Vehicle

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Product code : TMY-TOY44

It’s time to restore order around the streets of Disney’s Zootropolis, a city like nothing you’ve ever seen be-fur! When Mr Otterton turns savage, a mysterious wolf is quickly on the scene to make sure matters do not descend into otter chaos! These superbly detailed figures from TOMY capture every detail of the original screen characters. Best of all, they are made to scale, so when you stand them all side by side, the big ones are huge, and the little ones are tiny – just like in the movie! Round up a range of “animal-made” vehicles, including the mysterious wolf’s action van. The doors at the back open to reveal a missile-propelled net launcher! The lights flash when you spin the wheels and the roof panel and cockpit canopy both pop open! The van comes with 3 AAA batteries included. Wolf figure is fully poseable with arms, legs and head that all move. Just one of dozens of collectible characters! Create your very own Zootropolis, a city where animals walk around on two feet, get dressed in the morning and use technology every day. Where mammals fast and slow, large and small all have to abide by the law! Suitable for ages 3 years & up.

  • Suitable for ages 3 years & up
  • Includes 3 AAA batteries
  • Large figure poseable
  • Great interactive toy
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