Display Stands

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Display stands are eye catching and practical ways of displaying items in your store. Display stands aim to immediately introduce browsing customers to a particular brand. This marketing tool is an essential for a physical store. That way merchandise looks neat, organised and it is much easier for a potential buyer to navigate through. Besides a display stand also helps in differentiating between brands and between products. If there is a certain line of items a retailer wants to emphasise on, a display stand is an ideal way to do so. A display stand saves storage space as it is purposely build with specific capacity in mind. A display stand also adds a feeling of a well-running business, it adds up to professionalism.

Our selection of display stands features the latest display units by the brands on wholesale with us. Each display stand on offer can be fulfilled with the stock available on our website. The page is regularly updated depending on new brands releases as well as depending on our products updates. Currently, retailers can find floor stands of medium to large size and smaller stands suitable for shelves, tables and desks. The brands in this selection feature: Lamaze, MAM, Beaba and Milton.

Baby Brands Direct is a global wholesaler supplying the independent trade with the latest baby and toddler products in the industry. We are a dedicated business to business supplier whose main objective is to assist retailers. That is why we offer point of sale material such as display stands by the brands in stock. Therefore, retailers' task of arranging their stock and store layout is eased since they can shop for both merchandise and marketing material in one place. If you are looking to purchase a display stand, consider the amount products that you will need to showcase. An empty stand, although it may suggest sales, it certainly connotes lack of stock and disorganization. Besides, carefully consider the items packaging that is suitable for the display stand you are about to purchase. A display stand can be used over and over again; this is yet another advantage for your business.