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Oral soothers are an essential for both baby and parents. The basic oral soother's construction resembles a nipple on a handle with a guard that is designed to relief and entertain babies. Babies suck on the nipple, because it reminds them of feeding time. The guard protects the littles ones from swallowing the whole nipple which can result in choking hazard. The handle or also known as the ring allows parents to easily grip the soother from babies' mouth.

Babies quite simply need an oral soother that is why the item's sales have been steadily growing. Baby Brands Direct is presenting you with oral soothers that are not only the best-sellers on a global scale but also the soothers that are of the highest quality and most innovative designs. With close and stable relationships with suppliers, we are welcoming retailers to choose from reputable brands such as: Phillips Avents, CTN, MAM, NUK and Bright Starts.

Dr. Brown’s is dedicated to promoting good health in mothers and their babies, whilst using the best technology-driven products available, they state their mission as being ‘to bring happiness to babies, helping their development through their early years.’ They support Mother’s choices and say, ‘Whether your baby is fed on expressed breast milk or infant formula, you will be amazed by the results’.

It is estimated that 20% of all babies suffer from colic and will look to their local retailers including pharmacies and baby nursery store specialists for a solution. As a result, specialist distributor to independent stores, Baby Brands Direct supply Dr. Brown’s feeding equipment to trade with next day delivery and no MOV.

Babies have a natural urge to suck; therefore oral soothers are the safe item that retails can easily capitalise on. Oral soothers are often recommended by paediatric dentists and other medical experts to support healthy development. It is much easier process than thumb sucking. Soothers are used as early as 10 days after the baby is born up until 3 years of age. That is to say that parents purchase a couple if not a few soothers for their babies. Baby Brands Direct selection features oral soothers of trendy designs, colours and shapes. Our portfolio is professionally organized to present original shaped soothers, silicone and latex designs, BPA free, Multi-piece soothers, Glow in the dark and stuffed animals soothers with anti-slip surface; some are accompanied by sterilisable travel case and many more ergonomic features.

Browse through our selection to find out which will suit your business and audience the most.