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Being comfortable in bed is essential for a good night's sleep, but comfort can be difficult to achieve for pregnant women. From the protrusion of the baby bump, to aches and pains in their backs and knees from carrying the extra weight around, finding a comfortable position at night may be one of the greatest challenges that mums face during pregnancy. Discomfort can lead to aches and pains becoming worse - but also lead to lack of sleep, which will result in tiredness and poor mood. 

Thankfully, Baby Brands Direct have a great selection of pregnancy pillows that are perfect for providing much needed support to mum’s body. Award-winning brand, dreamgenii® has a unique and patented pregnancy pillow, which fits comfortably around the bump and legs. Its shape also encourages left lateral sleeping, which is the optimal foetal position. Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct offers products from a variety of nursery brands to independent retailers at competitive wholesale prices. Register today to take advantage of our fantastic selection.

Multi-award winning wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, has a range of Dreamgenii products available for retailers to take advantage of. Dreamgenii is an innovative brand that produces brilliant support pillows for pregnant women. The unique 7 shape of the pillow is designed to support the bump, knees and back - meaning that mum can have a comfortable night's sleep. With 96% of pregnant women suffering from sleeping problems, this is an essential product for many expectant mums and will be a brilliant item for retailers to obtain for their stores.

Why are pregnancy pillows best-sellers?

Comfy and cosy, pregnancy pillows are primarily designed to provide support and comfort to pregnant women during sleep - and also throughout the day. These pillows have a number of benefits that will help to make mum feel more comfortable during this sometimes stressful and uncomfortable time. The design of the dreamgenii® pillow provides effective support to the legs, back and baby bump. This can help to increase comfort, as well as improving blood circulation, lowering mum’s heart rate and helping to soothe both emotions and muscles. This can all help to stimulate deep sleep, helping to improve mood and overall health. 

The shape of the dreamgenii® pillow means that mum is encouraged to sleep on her side in a left lateral position, which is recommended for pregnancy. This is because lying on the left side will increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta and fetus and will allow mum’s kidneys to work efficiently. Lying in this position also helps to reduce pressure on blood vessels and supports the increasing uterus size, helping to reduce health complications for both mum and baby. Using a pregnancy pillow and sleeping on the left side can also help to reduce heartburn and water retention levels.

Wholesale pregnancy and feeding pillows available at Baby Brands Direct

As a trusted wholesaler of baby and nursery products, Baby Brands Direct has a great selection of dreamgenii® pregnancy and feeding pillows available to buy at competitive prices. These pillows feature a unique patented design that fits around the body. The long tail of the pillow can easily be placed between mum’s legs, providing extra support and comfort. The pillow can also be used as a feeding support when baby is born, making it great value for money as it can be used for multiple purposes. Also available are pillow covers, so mums can protect their precious pillow from stains or marks. 

By creating an account with Baby Brands Direct, retailers can take advantage of a fantastic selection of maternity and pregnancy products, as well as other items within the baby and nursery sector. Our products are manufactured by the best brands in the business, so retailers can be sure of quality and value. Register today for exclusive perks, discounts and easy ordering.