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You have the beds, the baskets, the safety equipment and the bedding; there’s just one small matter left to complete the set, the dressers. Once again, East Coast brings us their fantastic products that would suit the majority of room designs. Their solid oak dresser would make a great addition to your store, its quality sure to attract a huge amount of interest.

The dressers available for wholesale come in variety of brown shades, from dark brown to traditional light colour, the furniture is also available in plain white finish. You will find furniture in different sizes and space capacity. Besides those items can be further used as the baby grows up. Their classic designs add fantastically to any house décor. Each piece conforms to BSEN 12221 and it is easy to assemble yet it has a very strong construction.

Baby Brands Direct is an international distributor of dressers, drawers and nursery furniture. We supply the independent trade with high quality furniture from popular brand East Coast. Our range features the manufacturer's latest designs in versatile shapes, sizes and colours. Those large items bring high profits because of their high retail prices. Businesses would not have to worry about storage spaces anymore as we provide global drop ship services. Our exceptional prices points make stocking for furniture a worthy investment. On our website you will also find more nursery furniture ideas that you can combine with the latest dressers in stock and thus provide a whole line of related products to your clients.