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When a little one is wriggling around as you’re trying to change their nappy, the last thing any parent wants is for there to be a lot of mess to clear up afterwards, so a wipe-clean changing mat is hygienic and makes life so much easier.

Used multiple times a day for nappy changes, this comfortable surface for little ones also comes in handy when drying baby after bath time, or even for baby massage – and here at Baby Brands Direct we have a great selection made from user-friendly and safe materials.

As one of the most used – and useful – baby accessories, changing mats make fabulous add-on sales as many people find they need more than one. The variety of styles, designs and colourways at great price points make it cost-effective to have one matching the bedroom décor, a fun one for the bathroom, that extra one to keep under the sofa, and one at the grandparents’ house.

The Company boasts a series of nursery awards particularly for their highchairs and design features encouraging longevity of product use including dressers with removable changing frames so that they can be used once baby is out of nappy.

Baby Brands Direct wholesales and supplies the range of East Coast Nursery products directly to independent retailers and offers a drop ship service on the wooden furniture items. Phil Bosher, Account Development Manager at East Coast Nursery comments, ‘We have worked with Baby Brands Direct since 2008 and continue to strength our relationship in order to deliver the best service to our retailers in selling these quality products.’

Why do changing mats sell so well?

With newborn babies needing up to 12 nappy changes a day, there are plenty of times when a changing mat might be called for. Being a relatively inexpensive item, parents are happy to buy a few changing mats to use around the home. They may even keep one in the car when they are out and about. While a mat isn’t an absolute necessity, most parents consider it essential to have at least one around the home as the convenience and hygienic qualities of the waterproof and wipe-clean surface saves all the extra washing caused by the inevitable accidents if you’re using muslins or towels for protection and comfort when changing nappies.

While changing mats are an essential item for many parents and carers, they will be understandably cautious, looking for quality items such as those we offer here at Baby Brands Direct, which are designed with baby’s comfort in mind and made from user-friendly and safe phthalate-free materials while also being waterproof and wipe-clean.

Are changing mats a standard size?

There are many different sizes but the average is around 70x45cm, just right for fitting snugly on top of a changing unit or a good-sized set of drawers so it doesn’t slip or hang over the edge – of course, babies should never be left unsupervised on a changing unit or drawers and, as they get bigger, it’s always best to have the mat on the floor for safety. You can also find travel changing mats supplied with some of the changing bags stocked by Baby Brands Direct.

What will parents be looking for in a changing mat?

There’s a few different types, with the most common being a thin, padded PVC mat with three raised sides that keep baby from rolling off too easily as well as containing any spillages. Wedge-style changing mats are becoming very popular as the shape of the central curved valley cut from one thick block of foam provides both extra comfort as well as more security to stop baby rolling away. The other essential is to ensure the waterproof outer fabric is made from safe phthalate-free materials.

Changing mats are available to suit all tastes and décor, from classic nursery colours to stylish and contemporary motifs and shades. If your customers are looking for something colourful the East Coast Changing Mat Tropical Friends will be the ideal choice for them, with its friendly monkey, sloth and other jungle creatures. Another cheery design is East Coast’s Follow Your Dreams Rainbow mat. Rainbows have been an enduring symbol since the start of the pandemic so this one is sure to be popular. Baby Brands Direct stocks plenty of pastel and grey and white designs to suit most modern homes.