Electronic Learning Books

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Electronic books combine the benefits of paper books with the added excitement and fun value of an electronic gadget. For parents and grandparents who want to steer clear of screen-led play, electronic books are a good compromise, which brings all the benefits of electronic play without encouraging little ones to stare at a screen!

Baby Brands Direct stocks a good range of electronic books from tech toy stalwarts VTech and LeapFrog, covering a broad age range, allowing retailers to encourage customers to return to upgrade when their child reaches the next developmental level. There are books for babies as young as three months, while others are suitable for preschool and school age. They all encourage learning through songs, sounds, activities and more.

Anyone who is seeking to encourage a love of reading, books and learning in a baby, toddler or preschooler will find something they like in our selection of electronic books, which are all supplied on a wholesale basis.

Why do electronic books sell so well?

The recent lockdowns have shown that parents and grandparents truly value the educational benefits that some toys offer. Electronic books offer the promise of encouraging reading while providing more entertainment and in turn more educational value. They are screen-free so appeal to families who want to limit their child’s access to screen-led entertainment. Anyone looking for a gift should feel safe in the knowledge that they are not encouraging children to look at screens, but are buying a toy that will be played with over and over again. They are usually single units too, so no little pieces to get lost!

What are the benefits of electronic books?

Ask any parent who has had to read the same book over and over again! One of the benefits of electronic books is that they encourage independent play. Even quite small children can sit with an electronic book and interact with it, pressing buttons, singing along, and so on, without the need for constant adult interaction. Which makes it the perfect toy to keep a little one entertained while their parent is doing a spot of housework, cooking dinner, or just taking five minutes to have a cup of coffee.

Most electronic books have a heavy educational bias. Whether they teach nursery rhymes, colours or numbers, the fun play and constant repetition will help the learning process. Books for babies, such as the VTech Nursery Rhymes Book, can be easily cleaned, perfect when they are picked up by sticky fingers, and possibly drooled over! The books can be used differently depending on the age of the child; very little ones will just love to listen to the songs and watch the light-up buttons, while older children will start to recognise the nursery rhyme words as they are repeated. The fun songs and lights will encourage babies to interact, and offer sensory stimulation that is vital to brain development. Any parents who end up sitting by their child’s bed for hours will be pleased to hear that there is an easier way to tell bedtime stories. The Leap Frog LeapStory tells a story and projects images and animations onto the wall or ceiling - parents or grandparents can even record themselves telling a story, an ingenious solution if they are away for work or unable to visit.

For truly getting children on the reading journey, the LeapStart is perfect for two- to seven-year-olds. The benefit of the LeapStart books is that they are graded by level, and complement the National Curriculum, so retailers can add on sales as the child grows. The Leapstart system itself makes a great present for a grandparent to buy - and will mean that parents can always ask for new books to be bought as presents in the future. There are more than 30 activities in each book, all promoting phonics, STEM and social skills and giving children a head start when it comes to school work.