Enchantimals Barnyard Nursery

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Product code : ETS-TOY05

Little ones can help Haydie Horse doll care for her animal friends at the Enchantimals farmhouse nursery.

This playset includes an Enchantimals doll (6-inch), three animal figures, a farmhouse with a swinging basket, shelf, and a smaller piece count. Kids will love playing out nurturing moments with the Trotter pony, a lamb, and baby chick. Swing the lamb to sleep in the hanging basket or rocking cradle. The baby chick comes in a nest inside an egg, ready to “hatch” open! There's even a changing station that changes into a high chair.

Kids will love playing out the special bond these best friends share and creating their own Enchantimals adventures.

  • Help Haydie Horse doll care for the baby farm animals at this Enchantimals Barnyard Nursery…the friendliest daycare in the neighhh-borhood!
  • Includes barnyard playset (10-inch), Haydie Horse doll (6-inch), 4 animal figures, a crib, basket, nest, and 10+ smaller accessories. 
  • "Rock" the animal figures to sleep the cradle basket or crib with a spinning mobile.
  • Feed or change the animal-besties at the table, which doubles as a changing station and high-chair. 
  • Kids can play out nurturing moments with smaller accessories like a bib, diaper, and bottles.
  • There's even a nest with an egg that "hatches" to reveal a baby chick!
  • Suitable from 4 years+