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Since its creation, the Company has produced approximately 5,000 different toys. It started with wooden toys in the 1930s and progressed to plastic toys in the 1950s when the advantages of durability and ability to produce brighter coloured, detailed toys became apparent. The last decade has seen an increase in the toys incorporating electronic parts producing moving toys and pre-school gadgets such as phones and tablets. Throughout, its toys have maintained their whimsical nature, aimed to fascinate, develop, enrich and stimulate a child's imagination.

In 1993, Mattel acquired Fisher-Price, sparking remarkable sales growth in the international markets and through product acquisitions, including Thomas and Friends (2009). Disney toys are also marketed under the Fisher-Price brand including lines Frozen, Cinderella and Toy Story. Baby Brands Direct is a recommended supplier of Fisher-Price nursery products in the UK to independent retailers. Fisher-Price continues to make early childhood more fun and enriching the brand challenges itself to strive for excellence and to exceed parents’ expectations.

Baby’s first steps are probably one of the most exciting and memorable milestones for parents of little ones. Even if they don’t remember when that first tooth poked out, a first word, or first crawl, most parents remember the first time their baby took a few steps. So, it’s an important time and a major part of development.

Entertainers and walkers represent an important part of a baby's playtime as they take part in exercising their limbs, learn cause and effect and develop their co-ordination skills. Walkers can have two uses – some, like our Little Bird walkers, are adorable ride on dogs, sturdy enough to sit on, and cute enough to become a best friend. Others like the Vtech First Steps walkers (the UK’s top selling  Infant/Toddler toys in the UK in 2018 according to NPD), offer entertainment and learning opportunities, and can encourage little ones to make the transition from crawling to walking, when they are ready.

At Baby Brands Direct we also supply sit-in entertainers and door bouncers. The most popular baby entertainers are the stationary ones that provide a secure place to leave baby in, and give baby a 360 surround of toys at eye level. Most have a swivel seat encouraging baby to keep moving themselves around tempted by the next toy, whilst overhanging toys encourage them to bat and grasp as they jump up to reach them. Door bouncers provide a more affordable, traditional option, but without as many toys to engage and ideal for smaller spaces.

Entertainers & Walkers

The Fisher-Price logo is one of the most recognisable baby and children’s brands across the globe and synonymous with quality, safety, heritage, value and play. The comprehensive nursery portfolio provides practical and stylish solutions for baby from newborn to toddler including toys, gyms, baths, potties, bouncers, entertainers and swings. It's philosophy is ‘to believe in the potential of children and in the importance of a supportive environment during the preschool years.’

Nominating the infant sector sales, the household name continues to be a highly trusted brand by parents. Since 2009, registered retailers have been able to obtain stock of the Fisher-Price baby gear products from multi award winning wholesaler Baby Brands Direct.

Why entertainers & walkers always sell well

Babies develop at the most amazing rate during the first year or so. Their muscle tone, coordination, vision and intellect improve constantly, and there are plenty of toys to help develop their skills – Baby Brands Direct has a comprehensive selection covering all stages of development. And when it comes to supporting babies as they learn to take their first steps, our walkers can help in many ways. As well as giving would-be toddlers some security and stability while they get past the wobbly stage, they can also help look after parents’ backs – it can be quite hard on the spine bending down holding little hands for hours while they practise their walking! Entertainers and walkers can give parents a bit of a break, while still helping babies to develop their muscles and coordination in a fun and safe way, as they make the transition from sitting to standing, from standing to cruising, and from cruising to walking. Walkers can encourage babies to pull themselves up and help to build up their confidence as they begin to find their feet. Baby Brands Direct stocks a wide range of walkers, including the multi-use Infantino 3-in-1 Sit, Walk & Ride Elephant, the on-trend Fisher-Price Push and Flutter Unicorn and stylish, to French-designed wooden walkers from Janod.

Bouncing babies

Another fun option for active play is a door bouncer. The next step from a bouncing chair, these bouncers are fun for an active baby who is keen to get moving but isn’t ready to walk. They can bounce up and down safely, exploring how it feels to stand up straight and use their legs to control how they move. Suitable for babies aged six months or over, who are able to support their head and support their own weight on their feet, they are a fun way to keep a baby entertained while a parent supervises as they tidy up or cook dinner. They are a low-cost option and also ideal for smaller spaces.

All-round entertainment

For a bigger spend, and if more indoor space is available, a sit-in entertainer offers 360-degree entertainment for baby. They can swivel around to reach different activities on the table, encouraging physical movement and decision making, along with the fine motor skills and coordination demanded by each of the activities. The activities offer a variety of sensory experiences, with bright colours, lights, mirrors and sounds. There’s always something different for them to explore. Baby Brands Direct supplies our customers with the best names in the sector – including the Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo, the Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Spin & Sort Activity Center.

Get physical

All of the entertainers and push walkers encourage physical activity, which in turn helps babies to develop healthy and strong bodies. This is a wonderful way make the right start towards a lifetime of fun, fitness and physical activity, which will keep children fit, healthy and active throughout their adult lives.