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Flair Leisure Products Plc was established in 1999 by a team of industry experts and international toy companies and has achieved consistent growth over the last 12 years, making it within the U.K’s top 10 toy companies. Performance has been accelerated since Giochi Preziosi, an Italian firm with revenues in excess of 900mn Euros and that produces children’s TV series and toys based on them, acquired the Company.

Flair are particularly well established in toys for boys and those catered to arts and crafts and therein add a positive contribution of new types of toys available within the wholesale portfolio at Baby Brands Direct. The brands available include PJ Masks, Plasticine, Cicciobello and Disney and include a host of toy product from figures to styling heads. The products are known for their uncompromising quality and recognised as having both longevity of use and fantastic play value.

Educational toys were big sellers over the 2020 UK lockdown. Parents who were struggling to help their smaller children learn using traditional school methods turned to fun options to help with literacy, maths and more. Anecdotally, retailers noted that any toy that had reading, writing, maths on the box was guaranteed to fly off the shelves.

It’s common knowledge that younger children learn best through play, so toys that offer play and educational value combined are always going to be a draw for parents - and something that they will be willing to invest in.

As an educational toys supplier, Baby Brands Direct, includes some of the key companies within the educational toys arena, such as Leap Frog and VTech, and we stock a broad range so there is always something new for your customers to come back for.

Educational Toys

This company knows how to brand build with a strong team of leading toy business experts who each have proven success credentials to their name. The range added for trade access at Baby Brands Direct include their well-known PJ Masks licence toys that are suitable from 3yrs+. The high quality range of Plasticine and TV promoted lines add a creative lines for retailers to choose from. In addition to this, a selection of gorgeous styling heads in Disney and Barbie licences are available alongside baby Ciccibello. This doll is TV promoted and is made in the UK, it offers the opportunity of role play and interaction with its features including 20 phrases and sounds, giving kisses and going to sleep.

Why are educational toys such big sellers?

Toys that offer educational development are always going to be popular - parents who have children heading toward preschool and school age want them to have all the advantages they can as they head into the classroom. And for those who are not educated in a school setting, educational toys offer the ideal opportunity for home-based learning. Even before the 2020 lockdown, the numbers of children being home educated in England had increased by 13 per cent, according to government figures. By late spring and a month into lockdown and nearly a quarter of British parents had said they were likely to continue homeschooling even after lockdown finished, according to a survey by For the children who have returned to a school education, parents now have a heightened awareness of their educational needs - and also a concern over the time lost when children were not back at school. So any toy that has a perceived educational value is going to be more attractive than before. For the retailer, there are so many sections of education to address - STEM, geography, literacy, maths and so on - that there will always be something new to offer to the customer.

Benefits of educational toys

The main benefit of educational toys is that they make learning fun - and everyone, children and adults, always engage better with things when they are fun! Good educational toys encourage children to explore, and experiment, or really engage with the subject matter. They also offer repetition, which ensures knowledge retention.

Although it can be argued that most toys are educational in some way - encouraging children to use either imaginations, learn about the world around them and discover how to cooperate and problem solve, here we concentrate on the toys that Baby Brands Direct supplies that teach school subjects such as literacy, maths, colours, science and so on.

One of the main things an educational toy should do is to challenge the child’s mental ability - this encourages them to think in different ways, learn to problem solve, identify patterns, and expand the way they think. All useful life skills that will give them an advantage at preschool and school.

We all learn in different ways - some of us are visual learners some of us are aural learners some of us kinesthetic and so on. Educational toys tap into these different ways of learning, so are especially valuable to children who don’t engage so thoroughly with traditional ‘school learning’. Being able to retain information through fun, varied activities will open up a love of learning that can last a lifetime. As well as teaching academic skills, educational toys can help in all-round growth - for instance, they can encourage emotional and social development, such as how to take turns, how to lead, play with others and persevere when an activity is not easy or straightforward. Educational toys can also encourage improved concentration - when children discover that learning can be fun, they can focus for longer and the educational value is increased.

Some of our favourite educational toys include the cute Linkimals Counting Koala. This musical learning friends for babies from Fisher Price introduces numbers, counting and shapes. Toddlers can join Tad and his Letter Factory friends as they explore letters and music in the Letter Band Phonics Jam, while school age children will love learning about language and geography with the Leap Frog Magic Adventures Globe.