Gate Accessories & Extensions

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It is not always so simple for parents trying to find a suitable place for safety gates. With our range of gate accessories, it makes that job a lot easier. From staircase fixings to gate extensions Baby Brands Direct can provide you with some helpful and occasionally essential safety accessories that would fit right in with the rest of the baby safety section of your store. The today’s cautious parent will most slightly buy at least one safety equipment. That is why we have selected a range of products, so you have a wider choice to select the items that will suit your clientele.

The following range features Lindam gate accessories and extensions. Just click through to discover each item’s specifics.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of safety equipment to the independent trade. Our wide range portfolio covers essential safety tools such as gate accessories and extensions. We all know that safety is essential for any parent. That is why it is essential that retailers have an all-inclusive range of products to enable a wider choice for their clientele, therefore expand their customer base. Retailers can now stock Lindam's latest products and benefit from further volume discounts.