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Parents are always looking for new ways to entertain their little one and want to find the latest and greatest piece of nursery equipment that will allow them to provide their child with stimulation. Toys are ever popular - but gyms, activity mats and tummy time supports give all the fun of the latest toys, as well as freedom for exploration and movement. Independent play has a number of benefits for young children and gyms and playmats allow them to explore independently while still being supported and comfortable. This also gives parents a moment to have their hands free and watch their little one enjoy some time on their own. With colourful designs and a range of different activities, baby gyms are designed to stimulate the senses and provide an engaging experience for hours on end. 

Leading supplier of baby and nursery products, Baby Brands Direct, stocks a varied selection of products within the gyms, playmats and tummy time category. Award-winning brands, such as Fisher-Price, Lamaze, VTech and Infantino, have created high quality and engaging nursery products that give children all they need for developmental growth while they play. Within the category are activity gyms, tummy time supports and plush playmats - so there is something for every consumer at a wide range of price points.

Gyms, Tummy Time & Playmats

The benefits of independent play

While baby’s day should involve interactions and playing with their parents, it is also important that there is some alone time for baby, in which they can discover and explore the world around them at their own pace. Independent play helps to promote healthy growth by allowing the child to process the sights and sounds of their environment - as well as giving them agency over their actions and letting them see how their presence affects the objects in their space. It also helps them to become less reliant on their parents’ presence, which is good for emotional development. 

Allowing a child to freely explore a playmat or activity gym provides a fun and entertaining atmosphere without over-stimulation. The child can simply choose to stop engaging with the activities on offer and signal to their parents when they wish to have attention and contact. 

Establishing a set space and time for independent play gives children a specific environment that they know is safe to explore at will, allowing them to build up confidence as they move around and gain mobility skills. By setting this routine, it helps to condition them to associate the mat or gym with quiet play time - which is great for a wind down before bedtime. 

Supporting sensory stimulation

The sensorimotor stage is a key stage in a child’s development, where they learn through coordinating sensory experiences with motor actions. Gyms and playmats are ideal for this stage of development, as they provide the combination of sensory toys and space for movement. Children will reach and touch toys, reacting to the bright colours and attractive designs. They will hear squeaks, rattles and crinkles for sensory stimulation. This all helps them learn object permanence as well as heightening their cognitive development and sensory growth. Through playing and exploring, they will learn about the world around them, which will help set the foundations for future development. 

High quality gyms, playmats and tummy time supports

As a leading nursery product wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct understand how important it is for retailers to be able to offer their customers excellent products at competitive prices. We offer a huge selection of nursery and baby items to the independent retail sector and dedicate ourselves to only stocking the best products from top baby brands. Our selection of gyms, playmats and tummy time supports from brands, such as Fisher-Price, Lamaze, VTech and Infantino, are made to the highest standards with developmental growth at the heart of their creation. Each item within the category boasts different features and functions. Activity gyms feature fun dangling toys on overhead arches for baby to bat at. Tummy time supporting products are designed to allow baby to play on their front, helping them begin to crawl. Playmats provide a large padded space for them to relax and play on, giving them the freedom to explore as they please. Register today to take advantage of our full inventory of products, as well as loyalty credit and volume discounts!