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Engaging with baby is key to development and parents need tools to help them achieve this. As a keen wholesaler of baby toys, musical toys is an important category that retailers should consider investing in, as music stimulates auditory skills, provokes a reaction, stimulates curiosity and in turn imagination. Baby Brands Direct distributes musical toy pianos from leading brands including Baby Einstein, and many other music toys such as the Halilit Toddler Music Carnival set. In addition, musical toys for kids can also help to teach nursery rhymes, animal names and numbers in a fun way.

Essentially, musical toys have numerous benefits that apart from entertaining the little one they immensely assist in their development. Our wide range of items showcases variety of options for you and your customers. On this page you find the latest releases by premium brands, click through to view each product unique features.

Many parents are aware of the numerous advantages of introducing musical toy instruments to their little ones including well documented studies proving that they can help to increase IQ levels and develop both social and emotional skills. Of course, dexterity, co-ordination, creativity and giggles appear small development off-springs by comparison but in reality are founding skills of equal value. Parents will seek out quality, value for money and affordably priced musical toys as well as those looking to gift something practical and unique.

Specialist distributor to independent retailers including pharmacies, garden centres, nurseries, gift stores and baby stores, Baby Brands Direct only works with leading quality industry authorities. It considers Halilit an excellent partner for fulfilling the requirements of the independent sector with these toys that offer a point of difference and made to much higher standard than mass produced baby products found elsewhere.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading global supplier of understanding music toys for baby and toddlers. We have been successfully supplying the independent sector with the newest items on the market. Stocking only the internationally recognized industry leaders allows us to give retailers an exclusive access to the high in demand products that simply deliver sales. Our unbeatable price points give each of you a great investment opportunity to raise your profile and expand your customer base. We understand how versatile a customer can be, that is why we enriched our catalogue with variety of music toys to cater for different customers. Retailers should also consider the growing gift market and thus provide their clientele with a wider selection. Our further volume discounts allow you to do exactly that. Being online based means that you can browse and shop wherever you are at whatever times it is convenient for yourself.