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When baby has disturbed night's sleep due to a cough or allergy, increasing the air moisture in the room is a good way to make them feel better. Humidifiers are used to help an infant who is congested and is suffering from cold symptoms, and they can also improve dry skin conditions. With our extensive range of humidifiers and accessories, you are bound to find something to suit the needs of your customers.

Our range boasts a selection of digital humidifiers; mini humidifies and air purifiers from trusted brands. Popular in this category is the Vicks ultra-quiet humidifier which produces cold steam for complete safety. The item is compatible with Vicks exclusive menthol pads that further assist in soothing any fly symptoms.

Baby Brands Direct is a trusted wholesaler of baby humidifiers and accessories. We supply the global independent sector with the most functional items at competitive wholesale prices. A humidifier has become a must-have item for any household with a baby. However, it is essential and it is retailers' responsibility to provide their clients with safe and quality items. We have made selection easy for you by forming a collection of the most practical humidifiers on the market. Log in to unveil further information and follow our regular product updates.