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A bath mat prime purpose is to prevent baby from slipping when in the bath. Recent developments by award-winning brands, including Fisher Price, Mothercare, Tiny Tatty Teddy and Munchkin have been working hard to produce the most technologically developed, aesthetically pleasing, safety conscious baby bath mats. From mats that tell you when the water is too hot to T bars that help hold baby in place, bath mats have certainly come a long way in the last few years.

Our range features bath mats suitable for a variety of baths in versatile colour schemes to suit any parents’ preferences. Essentially, all of the presented products are made of user-friendly materials and combine fantastically well safety and entertainments.

Baby Brands Direct is the ultimate global wholesaler for baby bath mats. We successfully supply the independent sector with high quality items from renowned baby products manufacturers. Our selection is strictly organised on the basis of the latest trends and consumers' demands. The catalogue features bath mats at fantastic price points available at further volume discounts. The bath mats are developed by brands that we offer across our website. Retailers can mix and match products and have an entire line of bath time items. In this way customers will know that you supply it all and will happily shop from you. Log in and uncover additional business incentives that you get when stocking from us.