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Keep baby entertained when dinner’s on the way with one of Baby Brand Direct’s super fun high chair toys, which will stay stuck to the table - not on the floor! The ideal toy to take when eating out, so that babies can be entertained between courses and parents can actually enjoy their meal.

Baby toys are always popular, and high chair toys represent good value. Your customers could buy one to keep in the car, one for at home and one to keep at the grandparents. They might also need backups in case a toy needs to have a good wash after dinnertime!

We supply a good range of high chair toys from trusted brands such as VTech, Lamaze and Infantino, suitable for a range of ages and budgets. For something a little different, there’s the Infantino Pat & Play Water Mat, a mat that can also be used for tummy time, which features floating sea pals that move as baby pats at them.

Why are high chair toys such good sellers?

The great thing about high chair toys is that babies and small children can use them from the time they start sitting in a highchair (which is when they are able to sit up independently and can start weaning, so as early as three months but usually around six months) until they graduate to a booster seat - which might not be until 18-24 months. That’s a lot of time spent in the high chair - and a lot of opportunities for other kinds of toys to get thrown to the floor, over and over again! It won’t take long for parents to realise that a high chair toy, which sticks safely to the high chair table, will save them a lot of time and backache, as they won’t have to keep bending down and picking up toys that have been flung on the floor. It’s also safer for any pets or siblings, who aren’t going to find themselves a target for flying toys.

Out and about

Babies don’t just sit in high chairs at mealtimes either. They may be popped in there so that a parent can keep an eye on them while they clean the floor, or carry out another household task that doesn’t need a baby in the way! So having a toy that can keep them entertained, and help with their development is the way to go. Many high chair toys can also be stuck to a pram or pushchair, to offer entertainment on the go. Another opportunity to sell on another toy for taking out and about!

Our wide range of toys

The range of toys stocked at Baby Brands Direct starts with simple toys such as the Infantino Stick & Spin High Chair Pal. A cute monkey who has a mirror on his foot and textured beads that offer a sensory experience and a chance to improve fine motor skills. For babies aged six months plus, the Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Table Top Toy offers a really tactile experience, with crinkle wings, knobbly rings and chunky beads. The wings even double up as teething rings. Older babies will love the VTech Twist & Spin Lion with his light-up nose, melodies, sounds and fun phrases to encourage language development.