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Parents care about their children more than anything in the world that is no secret, so the more information they can get about the products they are using on their children the better. That is where information leaflets come in handy. An information leaflet aims to briefly outline information and point out some key aspects. A leaflet is a well-known marketing tool that has been serving successfully all type of businesses. A leaflet is also helpful for the retailer himself. In quick time he can introduce himself or his staff about the importance of particular product or brand. A leaflet can easily be distributed, outside your store or in your local area of work. A leaflet can accompany a purchase or can be placed closed to the tills where clients can freely take one. Leaflets are essential for a potential buyer who prefers to educate themselves first and then return to make a purchase. Certainly, they are a variety of uses related to this point of sale material. However, the traditional tool can only add up to your customer care and professionalism. Our range is regularly updated and it currently features leaflets by Dr Brown's, Breastvest, MAM, Lansinoh, Brother Max and Milton.

Baby Brands Direct is the ultimate global wholesaler to the independent industry. We have been successfully supplying retailers with premium baby brands and products. Our commitment to customers does not stop there. That is why we have dedicated a special page on information leaflets. Instead of retailers printing out themselves, therefore losing time, we have gathered the latest collection by the brands on wholesale here. Besides, it is very time-consuming to gather the right information if you are to prepare your own marketing leaflet. This traditional point of sale material has many benefits and it is the simple yet effective way to attract customers’ attention. Our range features leaflets, booklets, postcards and brochures.

From booster seat and sun protection guides to oral care booklets, parents will appreciate any extra information you provide them with, thus improving the relationship between you and your customer base.