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The wooden toys we offer at Baby Brands Direct are well made, beautifully designed and many are likely to become family heirlooms, touched with great sentimentality. With a heavy dose of nostalgia, wooden toys are popular with parents and grandparents alike.

Because wooden toys do have an air of sentimentality about them - after all, many people remember them from their own childhoods - they sell very well. Their quality and design means they make great presents, and they also appeal to any customer who wants to cut down on their plastic consumption.

They may represent old-fashioned fun, but the wooden toys we offer at Baby Brands Direct have their feet firmly planted in the 21st century, and their popularity is increasing all the time. One of our favourite wooden brands - Janod - has introduced up to 200 new lines in one year, and the number of companies exhibiting wooden toys at Spielwarenmesse continues to increase *


Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are a refreshing change from pre-programmed electronic toys as they allow children to think for themselves and enjoy traditional creative play. This helps them to be active and develop their motor and co-ordination skills as they play with the pieces from the toys, as well as develop their dexterity and strength. The beautiful array of colours, shapes and themes used to create the wooden toy collection are inspiring and will be loved by little ones given the opportunity to play with them.

A Janod spokesperson comments, ‘we seek to stimulate their imagination and empower them to invent stories and make children HAPPY through the simple pleasure of play.’

Why are wooden toys so popular?

It’s no surprise that wooden toys are such good sellers. They have qualities that appeal to many different kinds of consumers. Parents and grandparents are lured by the old-fashioned ideal of a wooden toy - despite the fact that our wonderful wooden toy ranges have been brought firmly into the 21st century. Their colour palettes fit into modern homes, bringing a toy that is not only fun to play with but looks good, too.

Consumers with an eco-friendly agenda will appreciate the plastic-free nature of our wooden toys, while style fans will be attracted by the retro designs that still manage to be thoroughly up to date! For the retail environment, wooden toys can add an air of quality to a display, while offering that magical feel of an old-fashioned toy shop, an allure that will appeal to adults and children alike. The good news is that consumers are now willing to spend more on toys that offer more play value and more time-consuming play value. According to NPD, figures for 2020 show that spend is up 16% as parents put play value above the cost of toys.

What are the benefits of wooden toys?

There is the obvious benefit of eco credentials - at a time when being plastic-free is high in the minds of many shoppers, being able to offer them wooden toys is a major benefit for any retailer. Also our wooden toys are designed to encourage children to use their imagination. They may be simple in design, and be without the bells and whistles of more tech-

based toys, but they encourage children to be creative, to learn social skills, to make up stories, and to role play. Wooden toys can encourage the development of a wide range of vital skills for babies and small children - fine motor skills can be developed with adorable shape sorters and stacking toys, while musical interest is encouraged from an early age with Janod’s Pure Musical Table. As little ones get older they can continue their musical journey with wooden xylophones, shakers and recorders, right up to little wooden guitars and Janod’s Electronic Piano.

How much variety is there in the wooden toys you offer?

It’s not all cars and trains! Although we have some lovely choices if you are looking for a toy vehicle, you might be surprised to see just how many toys there are in our wooden range. The age range is broad, with toys from simple stackers to balance bikes. The price range is expansive too, spanning from small animal figures right up to ride-on toys that will remain firm family favourites for many years to come - we are particularly fond of the Janod Mint Scooter, which looks like it belongs in an Audrey Hepburn movie from the 1960s! All kinds of role play toys are included in our preschool wooden toys range. Children can choose to be in the kitchen, doing some DIY at the workbench, shopping, or cooking up a treat with Janod’s Waffle House. While the bigger toys such as kitchens and DIY benches make lovely gifts for birthdays and Christmas, there are plenty of opportunities to sell add-ons such as wooden fruit and veg or tools.