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All parents know just how special the first few years of their child's life is. Let them hang on to the memories with baby journals- perfect for recording the first step, first smile, first word and all the other first prized moments. Give parents the chance to preserve the story of a precious life with baby journal books for girls, boys and unisex books. A grandparent's journal is a keepsake that can be passed down through generations. Help mothers to celebrate their pregnancy with a pregnancy journal; a fantastic way for expectant Mums to record the thoughts, events and priceless photos leading up to the birth of their child. Baby Brands Direct distributes the hit baby journal that sold more than 350.000 copies and is now available in unisex, pink girl and blue boy themed editions.

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Baby Brands Direct is a global wholesaler providing versatile range of baby journals to the independent sector. Journals play a significant part in the gift sector industry that keeps on growing. Not only is that but recent years have witnessed a booming baby shower trend. Retailers can capitalise on this trend by benefiting from our unbeatable price points while offering their clientele appealing journals by reputable brands.