Fabric Baby Books

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Fabric baby books are the perfect introduction to books and reading for little ones. Soft to the touch, with bright colours and fun, appealing characters, babies and toddlers will be happy to explore the pages over and over again.

You can never have too many fabric baby books, which is good news for retailers! One for the buggy, one for the changing bag, one by the highchair and one in the wash - you’ll always be able to sell another one, so it pays to have plenty of variety in stock and to update it regularly.

Baby Brands Direct is a wholesale supplier of adorable fabric baby books from well-loved baby brands such as Nuby, Infantino, Kaloo, Lamaze and Tiny Love, so there’s plenty of variety on offer and you can be sure of having a brand that your customers trust.

Why do fabric baby books sell so well?

The good thing about these lovely little books is that there’s always room for another one! They clip conveniently onto bags, buggies and car seats, and are always handy to have around to keep little ones entertained. They sell at a price point that encourages parents to buy again and again, so remember to keep updating your stock so that they can do just that. Baby Brands Direct can offer wholesale supplies.

What are the benefits of fabric baby books?

Babies and toddlers spend quite a lot of time sitting in car seats, buggies and highchairs. Keeping them occupied is key, both to keep them stimulated and to stop them getting fed up! Fabric baby books are a simple and cheap way to do that. They last well and most are easy to pop in the wash if they get grubby, which they probably will because they are soft and safe to chew on. In fact the Nuby Flip Flop Teether book is specially made with different textures that are wonderful for little ones to get their teeth into and soothe them as they come through the gums!

There are different books for different purposes. For instance the Kaloo Activity Book - The Tired Dinosaur features soothing soft colours and a lovely story that makes it just right for naps and bedtimes. The soft ribbon tags are soothing to rub and offer the sensory stimulation that is vital for baby’s development. The Infantino Link and Squeak Animal Crinkle Book, meanwhile, stimulates the senses with crinkly pages, a squeaker and teething ring - providing the sensory feedback that encourages the developing brain to create new neural connections that will aid learning ability.

Fabric baby books also allow parents the opportunity to introduce the activity of reading to their small children - and it’s never too early to start! Research has shown that children who were read to as tiny babies not only have larger vocabularies than their peers, but even have better maths skills. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics also found that children who are read to end up being exposed to more than 1.4 million words by the time they are five. Speaking to and interacting with babies also improves their language and cognitive abilities, and books are a useful tool for this activity. Reading with a baby (even if there aren’t any words) can help them to learn about communication and start to understand concepts such as shapes, colours and numbers. It can also help them to develop useful skills such as memory, listening and vocabulary - and helps them to learn about the world around them. They will learn the art of communication from their adult carers as well as language skills and vocabulary, All that from a little book!