Keepsake Storage Boxes

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Possibly the most precious moments in life are in relation to a new born baby. Whether it’s the hospital tag, birth certificate, first pictures, first clothes to first drawings they are all moments to treasure forever.

The storage boxes manufactured by Widdop Bingham are very popular and made of high quality materials to ensure protection of their contents and item longevity. They are available in an array of colours and styles to appeal to different consumers and of course target different price points.

Available to trade at wholesale price we have a variety of neutral options as well simply gorgeous designs by Disney that include Mickey and Minnie Mouse right through to Dumbo.

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning global wholesaler of premium keepsake storage boxes. Not only that you can offer your clients wonderful gift ideas but also a storage box to store all the other items they shop from you too. Our collection delivers on quality and versatile designs to suit different home decors as well as various customers' preferences. A storage box is an ideal, lightweight git idea for a baby's party, baby shower event or a new-born celebration. Retailers can stock the latest storage boxes at exceptional price points that cater for a variety of purposes.