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Spiderman, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh and the muppets, what do they all have in common? They have all been made into delightful looking bags for children. Kids have always enjoyed dressing up like adults, keeping their small number of precious possessions in their very own bag.

The following range presents some of the most loved kids’ characters. With this in mind sales for retailers are pretty easy task. It is well-known that when kids like a character they of course want to have it in every possible form. Simple as that, kids’ bags have been always a popular choice for parents because of the joy it brings to kids. The bags in stock are made of soft material and provide plenty of storage space. It is fun and it is functional.

Ever since there have been TV shows, books and stories for kids there have been favourite characters. Kids become so attached that it is hard to believe a parent would not purchase their little one’s favourite fellow. Kids’ bags are unique way of delighting a kid by giving him some responsibility to take care of their own possessions. There is something for the little one and the parent too. Our range includes classic characters as well as the latest story chaps.

As a global wholesaler Baby Brands Direct bring the independent sector kids bags and purses that are high in demand at fantastic price points. Besides not only is that a parent would hardly resist getting one, but those bags take a significant proportion in the gift industry too. What better way for a guest to sparkle joy in kids’ eyes than giving a character bag to them? Log in to discover our most-recent additions and start stocking on the must-have items for your store.