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Feeding young children can be a messy and stressful process, but it’s also an important one. Children need to make the journey from drinking milk to eating solids in order to grow up into a big and strong adult. Therefore, highchairs are a staple product in the baby and nursery industry, found in many family homes across the globe. These handy pieces of kit keep baby safe and secure while they eat their dinner, allowing mum and dad to do other household jobs - as well as letting kids explore their food at their own pace. 

Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, stocks a great selection of baby highchairs from the best brands on the market - such as Kikka Boo, Béaba, Infantino and Vital Baby. Our highchairs are packed with advanced features, including 360 degree positioning, height adjustment and seat recline. Our products are made with high quality materials, including plastics and wood, with comfortable seating and secure straps. Highchairs are must-have items for every modern home, but are also useful for establishments such as restaurants and cafes. Therefore, our range of wholesale highchairs will appeal to a wide range of business owners.

Why are highchairs popular with parents?

Weaning is a fundamental part of a child’s development. Children will naturally move from liquids to solids, exploring different textures and flavours along the way and will eventually be able to eat at the table with the rest of the family. Every child will need to develop good eating habits for the future, with appropriate etiquette and skill. Therefore, they need a safe place to sit as they learn how to self-feed, allowing them to enjoy their meal without discomfort or worry. 

Part of the self-feeding process is eating with the rest of the family. Being able to sit with mum, dad and siblings will help little ones develop social and eye-contact skills and allows them to bond with everyone during meal times. Highchairs provide comfortable, secure seating for young children at the dinner table. Highchairs make it easy for parents to feed little ones a variety of different meals - from home-cooked food to pre-packaged purée. 

Each highchair comes with secure fastenings to keep children in place and easy to clean trays to hold drinks, cutlery and bowls within arms’ reach. The handy tray also helps to keep food and drink from falling on the floor helping parents to save time and energy while tidying after dinner. As well as for use in the home, highchairs are perfect for restaurants and cafés. Restaurant owners should keep highchairs to hand for their customers’ convenience, as this will make their establishment more family friendly and accessible for those with young children! 

Wholesale highchairs available at Baby Brands Direct

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of baby and nursery goods, including high-quality highchairs. We provide retailers with the best brands on the market with an inventory solely comprised of the most desirable and sought after products available. Our range of highchairs includes products from brands such as Kikka Boo, Béaba, Infantino and Vital Baby. Our highchairs are perfect for the busy modern family as they are designed with functionality and efficiency in mind. Our models are compact and easy to store, making them perfect for small homes and those who like to keep their kitchen or dining room tidy. 

Independent business owners can take advantage of high quality baby and nursery products at competitive wholesale prices at Baby Brands Direct. Our customers enjoy exclusive brands, discounts and perks. Register with us today to gain access to a fantastic catalogue of products.