Linkable Loop Toys

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Linkable loop toys is a key volume category of sales for retailers as they are a fantastic addition for many essential baby purchases such as gyms, prams and bouncers. The toys also sell well in their own right as the linkable loop on the toys mean they can be connected to almost anything and hence taken along on outings and are not lost. They are made in varying characters, textures including crinkle effect, vibrant colours including black and white geometric prints, often with squeakers, teethers and jitter functions.

Our range features reputable brands like: Lamaze, Rainbow Designs, Bright Starts, Tiny Love and Taf Toys with each brand presenting their latest inventions in the industry segment.

Lamaze delivers products that are age, stage and milestone appropriate, with clear packaging highlighting this to ensure the right products are purchased by consumers at the right time. From engaging baby mats and activity gyms to plush toys that keep them company and give them security, little ones discover new sounds, colours and textures, before exploring all sorts of role play fun. The Lamaze range of products provides a valued and favourable brand addition to the retail offering, supply of which is distributed by specialist wholesaler Baby Brands Direct.

As a favourite supplier to the independent trade, Baby Brands Direct successfully wholesales baby linkable look toys. Not only is that but we offer our clients drop ship services anywhere they are as well as further volume discounts. In recent years, this particular product has become very popular due to its affordability and multifunctionality. Apart from being an appealing and engaging item, it also stimulates senses and vision and fine motor skills. The toys are great investment for retailers, nurseries, gift shops and any baby store as you can simply stock quantity of products that will contribute to a versatile collection of items in your store. The more you have, the more choice each of your client is given, the more sales for you at the end.