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Breast pumps are medical devices used by lactating mothers to provide their infants with an uninterrupted supply of breast milk. As a wholesaler specialising in breast pumps and feeding equipment, we know that it is important for our retailers to provide their clientele with a diverse range of products to help mothers have an easy breastfeeding experience. We wholesale a superb range of leading quality breast pumps from brands including: Philips Avent, Closer to Nature by Tommee Tippee, Lansinoh, Dr Brown’s,NUK and MAM.

Our range of award-winning breast pumps offer flexibility and are useful for mothers who are away from their baby occasionally or are having problems with their baby latching on. We have a huge range of models and styles to fulfil the needs of each individual mum, including both manual and electric breast pumps, twin and single breast pumps, compact pumps and feeding kits.

Lansinoh believes when mums choose to breastfeed, they should have the support and encouragement they need to experience all of its benefits, and ensure baby feels the same. They'll always take mothers seriously and their needs personally, creating high-quality products mums want and can trust as they nurture their babies and develop a special bond only formed in motherhood.

'Lansinoh remain committed to the relationship with Baby Brands Direct, who we know champion quality, innovation and good value for money for their customers. We put mums and babies first, and we see this in the commitment Baby Brands Direct show by continuing to support us.' Lottie Haigh, Senior Brand Manager Lansinoh

The global pumps market is hugely growing. Reports claim that the industry sector will expand at an 8.8% CAGR between 2014 and 2020 and rise to US$2.6 billion by 2020. As a result manufacturers have been continuously modifying their products’ range to ensure high comfort, efficient and safe milk expression and reasonable price points.

As a leading wholesaler to the global independent trade, Baby Brands Direct has put a lot of effort in preparing an all-inclusive breast pumps catalogue for retailers to stock from. To find out more about the most sought-after items view their key features through our comprehensive products’ descriptions.