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Babies’ skin is so delicate. Parents have to be careful about the products they use at bathtime and during nappy changes. That’s why at Baby Brands Direct we supply our retailers with only the best, safest and most gentle products, so that their customers can trust and rely on them.

Baby toiletries are a great add-on to your larger-item sales. A customer buys a baby bath - suggest they add on some Earth Friendly Baby Organic Shampoo & Bodywash. Or they come back because the baby is now a toddler and they need a gripping mat for the bath, maybe they need more toiletries or wipes. We are confident that our baby toiletries are of such good quality, and so gentle on baby’s skin, that customers will return again and again to replace them.

Our favoured brands for the best baby toiletries for bathtime are: Earth Friendly Baby, Kaloo, Lansinoh and Vital Baby.

Lansinoh believes when mums choose to breastfeed, they should have the support and encouragement they need to experience all of its benefits, and ensure baby feels the same. They'll always take mothers seriously and their needs personally, creating high-quality products mums want and can trust as they nurture their babies and develop a special bond only formed in motherhood.

'Lansinoh remain committed to the relationship with Baby Brands Direct, who we know champion quality, innovation and good value for money for their customers. We put mums and babies first, and we see this in the commitment Baby Brands Direct show by continuing to support us.' Lottie Haigh, Senior Brand Manager Lansinoh

Why do baby bathtime toiletries sell so well?

Babies have gentle and sensitive skin. Parents have to be so careful what they use on a baby’s skin - and with bathtime a regular feature of the daily routine, any body wash, shampoo, creams or other items must be gentle enough to be used every day. Also, because shampoos, wipes, bodywash and so on are used daily, parents will always be looking to replenish their stocks. That’s why if you stock a quality product from companies such as Earth Friendly Baby, Kaloo, Lansinoh and Vital Baby, they will keep coming back for more.

What benefits do our baby bathtime toiletries offer?

As we have said, baby toiletries must be gentle enough to use every day. The baby shampoo and bodywash we supply, which is an organic product from Earth Friendly Baby, has been specially formulated to clean but be mild enough to avoid any irritation. The soothing lotion will keep a baby’s skin healthy and soft. Natural ingredients such as lavender and camomile have their own soothing properties. Lavender is a great calming scent, which is ideal for use at bedtime, to help baby drift off to sleep. Chamomile is another relaxing aroma that can help to aid a restful night’s sleep (and so give mums and dads a peaceful night of sleep too!). Lavender also has a gentle antiseptic property, and combined with chamomile can have a soothing effect on eczema. This, along with the organic certification of the Earth Friendly Baby products, is bound to appeal to parents of young babies and toddler.

Parents who are looking for eco-friendly, natural products for their babies will also be impressed by Earth Friendly Baby’s wipes. Soft and thick, they are also 100 per cent biodegradable. Again chamomile makes an appearance with its gently soothing properties, and with no alcohol or fragrance and hypoallergenic tested, these are sure to be a big hit. To make bathtime fun, a gentle bubble bath is the answer. Babies will love the sensory experience, and for any little ones that don’t like the bath, the bubbles might just entice them to stay in a little longer and get clean! Baby massage is another way to strengthen the bond between baby and carer, and to help baby relax as part of a bedtime routine. To help hands glide smoothly over the baby’s skin, a light touch of Earth Friendly Baby Moisturising Shea Butter Massage Oil is just what’s needed. Baby massage helps communication and trust between the parent and baby, while the relaxing effect can aid sleep. The oil’s light lavender scent will help the calming effect. It’s also believed that massage may help the circulatory and digestive systems, so may aid issues such as gas, cramps and constipation, according to the International Association of Infant Massage ****

Looking for something different?

A lovely little gift to add to a baby shower gift or hamper, is Kaloo’s scented waters. Safe and clinically tested, they can add a delicate scent to babies, their room and clothes - perfect for adding a lovely aroma when parents don’t want to use perfumed washing powders or softeners near babies’ delicate skin. They come in a cute, shaped bottle, which will look great in any nursery.