Large Plush Toys

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There’s something very special about a large plush toy. Everyone wants to grab it and give it a hug. For a small child, if a plush toy is almost the same size as them, it feels like it can give them a hug back.

These toys can also make a great addition to a nursery or child’s bedroom. Sitting on the bed or on top of a chest of drawers, they can prove a real focal point and make a room feel cosy and welcoming.

Anyone who wants to make a real impression with a gift for a baby or child can’t go wrong with a large plush toy. You can guarantee the child’s eyes will light up when they see their new cuddly friend! Here at Baby Brands Direct, as wholesale suppliers we know the right plush characters to choose for our large plush selection - you’ll find familiar faces such as Disney Baby Dumbo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Disney Frozen 2 characters and lots more.

Why do large plush toys sell so well?

Why wouldn’t they? They look eye-catching on the shop shelf or in the shop window, and do a great job of attracting customers into your retail setting. Soft toys continue to rise in popularity - sales rose by 9% from Q 1 to Q 4 2019 according to the Kids Insights UK Toy Market Report 2020. So this is a category to invest in - and including some larger plush toys among your offering provides the opportunity to sell them as special gifts for birthdays, Christmas or other celebrations.

Benefits of large plush toys

However, plush toys are not just a cute item - studies have shown that they have a positive effect on children’s development. They provide sensory stimulation for babies and very small children, and can be a comforting friend for toddlers - especially when they are tired or anxious.

The attraction of plush toys doesn’t stop as you get older, either. While we know that a cuddly toy can help to calm down a tetchy toddler, researchers at VU University Amsterdam discovered that cuddling a plush toy can help in the treatment of depression, anxiety and low self esteem. It’s not just for girls either, recent research reveals that more than half of adult men have kept a favourite soft toy from their childhood, and more than a quarter of them still sleep with them. 

The reason we get so attached to childhood plush toys and teddies is that they become what are known as ‘transitional objects’. At around the age of six months or so, these toys become important when babies are not with their main caregiver - perhaps when they go into their own cot to sleep, or when they stay with a grandparent. The object offers security and comfort and reduces any negative feelings such as anxiety and loneliness. This transitional object may be a blanket (like the blanket that Linus carried around in the Peanuts cartoon) or a soft toy. While we may eventually grow out of the need to carry the plush toy around with us all the time, it still remains a very important part of our childhood memories and one we are loath to get rid of, even when we grow up and have families of our own. This explains why parents love to buy plush toys for their children, as they remember their own with such fondness and want to recreate that feeling of comfort and security for their child.

We have carefully chosen our range of large plush toys at Baby Brands Direct. We have trusted brands such as Disney, Rainbow Designs and Keel Toys, and favourite characters such as Paddington, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Olaf from Frozen 2 and more. Keel Toys’ Dangly Wild Assortment includes fun animals such as elephants and chimps who can dangle from door handles, hooks and windows and would look great in a jungle-themed nursery, while Pegasus Rainbow flying unicorns are an on-trend character for any little girls’ room.