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Disney characters have always played a huge role in any children's growing up process. The ever-green trend keeps on growing and attracting children and parents interest. Parents reportedly trust the brand and are happy to pay the retail prices. Retailers can view our range of large toys of different characters, colours and designs. The following product collection features soft plush toys made of safe materials from the latest and most favourite TV Shows. For example, the classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the buddies from Inside Out and many others. All of them are suitable for different age groups which further brings versatility for your clientele too. As part of the growing gift industry, the Disney Character Large toys are topping the lists of popular purchase choices.

Baby Brands Direct is a business to business wholesaler for Disney Character Large Toys. Disney toys have been always popular among parents and kids. Every time there is a new show out, there are new characters available for sale. That is no coincidence but clever marketing that indeed brings endless joy for kids. Disney is one of the global names that everyone knows of and this does not seem to change, on the contrary it keeps on growing. A large Disney toy is a real friend for kids. Retailers can now stock on the latest large toys at fantastic price points. With other Disney toys available for wholesale you can certainly update your stock with a complete range that will attract a larger customer base.