Leap Frog LeapStart Amazing Animals Activity Book

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Product code : LPF-BOK19

Go wild for animals, nature and conservation with this fun-filled, interactive activity book for LeapStart-the interactive learning system designed to get your child ready for school and life.

The LeapFrog LeapStart Reception Amazing Animals and Conservation Activity Book is jam-packed with 30+ replayable activities that engage kids ages 4-6 at the Reception level to keep them playing and learning for hours. With the LeapStart system, every page talks, sings and jokes with exciting audio interactions that bring learning to life.Explore the diversity of the animal kingdom like never before. Learn how animals communicate by hearing their howls, hoots and more. Discover the diets of different animals and see what scientists can tell about an animal’s diet from examining its skull. Meet some animals with truly super senses and learn how they use those senses in the wild. Trace migration paths to see why animals leave their habitats at certain times of the year.

With this LeapStart book, kids explore 11 key life science skills, including understanding animal defences, learning about conservation and pollution, differentiating between vertebrates and invertebrates and more. Activities are designed to engage kids through vibrant visuals, cool sound effects and exciting games.

  • Explore the animal kingdom and learn the unique ways animals move, communicate and more. Plus, learn ways to help protect animal environments!
  • Helps teach 11 life science and conservation skills: comparing characteristics of animals, understanding human impact on animal habitats and more
  • Includes 30+ replayable activities and 25+ reward stickers
  • Level 3: Reception
  • Works with all LeapStart systems. (Sold separately)
  • Suitable from 4 to 6 years