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Product code : LPF-BOK23

Experiment with early STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills in this fun-filled, interactive activity book for all Leap Start™ systems.
The LeapFrog LeapStart Year 1 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) and Problem Solving Activity Book  is jam-packed with 30+ replayable activities that engage kids ages 5-7 at the Year 1 level to keep them playing and learning for hours. With the LeapStart system, every page talks, sings and jokes with exciting audio interactions that bring learning to life.

Build a robot from scratch to help Professor Hamlin Hamster get to the mouth-watering cheese he’s been eyeing. Go through the engineering design process of designing, building, testing and improving a robot. Trace a path of cogs to see what series will connect all the parts of your robot to make him move. Test and compare different power and strength sources to see which will work best. If your robot is a success, he’ll make it to the cheese just in time!

With this LeapStart book, kids explore 14 key STEM and problem solving skills, including drawing conclusions from a graph, predicting and testing an outcome, selecting problem-solving strategies and more. Activities are designed to engage kids through vibrant visuals, cool sound effects and exciting games.

Most activities are designed with two levels so kids can play and learn at the right level and then advance when they’re ready. As kids master a new skill, they’re prompted to place one of the included stickers (more than 25 in all) on the reward page to celebrate their accomplishment and motivate them to learn more!

The LeapStart book library is a levelled series that grows with your child from Nursery (Level 1) to Year 1  (Level 4).

  • Experiment with STEM skills and problem solving to build the perfect robotic solution!
  • Teaches 14 Year 1 STEM and problem solving skills: predicting and testing an outcome, selecting problem-solving strategies and more.
  • Includes 30+ replayable activities and 25+ reward stickers.
  • Level 4: Year 1. Perfect for ages 5-7.
  • Works with all LeapStart systems. (Sold separately)
  • Suitable from 5 to 7 years