Leap Frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

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Product code : LPF-TOY08

The Musical Rainbow Tea Party introduces essential preschool skills through familiar pretend play. As children pour tea and serve pretend cakes, they explore early vocabulary and counting skills while building social skills like sharing, taking turns and patience.

Select Music mode and hear nine songs or choose Tea Party mode to play a range of learning activities featuring colors, shapes, numbers and fruit. Press the heart button to brew a new pot of tea, then lift the lid to change the color and flavor. Tip the teapot to pour and watch as the teapot appears to empty. All the play pieces including the teapot, teacups and five slices of cake fit neatly on the cake stand for storage.

This wonderful kids toy is a ideal learning toy for one, two and three year olds. With 80 songs and phrases to help teach colours, opposites, counting, matching and more, your kids will be learning while also having a whirlwind of fun all Leapfrog toys are educator-approved, child-tested, follow national standards and feature British spellings, phonics and pronunciations

  • Teaches colours, numbers, shapes and sharing
  • Lights up in 6 magical colours and plays 7 tea-time songs
  • All pieces fit neatly on the cake stand for storage
  • Helps develop essential skills like role play, communication and fine motor skills
  • More than 80 useful phrases and sounds
  • 2 AA batteries required
  • Ages 1-3 yrs