Learn to Crawl

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A baby’s first steps are a memorable milestone, but learning to crawl is just as important. The benefits of crawling are numerous, and include balance, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. There are mental benefits too, as it encourages the left and right sides of the brain to interact.

So how can you encourage a baby to crawl? Well one way is to use toys that encourage the baby to keep up with them. As a wholesale supplier that only stocks toys and brands it believes in, Baby Brands Directs has some fabulous learn to crawl toys from names such as VTech and Taf Toys.

For retailers, learn to crawl toys introduce another category that will have parents, grandparents and family friends coming back to buy from you. Babies can learn to crawl from as young as four months, so it’s a great toy to buy ‘just in case’ so that it can be introduced when the time is right.

What makes learn to crawl toys so popular?

Aside from the benefits of learning to crawl, people just love to see babies reaching milestones. Whether it’s learning to clap hands, taking first steps or waving goodbye, these physical milestones are there for all to see and parents love to encourage them. It’s a lot of fun (and very reassuring) to see a baby making progress like this, so parents are keen to give them all the help they need. It’s with good reason too, because crawling offers a whole heap of great benefits for babies and their development.

The benefits of crawling

Some of the benefits of crawling probably won’t come as a surprise. Having to get moving under their own steam helps babies build muscle and strength, which they will need when they are learning to walk. It boosts both motor and fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination and balance. These are skills that are also needed to throw a ball, to ride a bike, jump, get dressed, and write. It also helps babies improve their spatial awareness, as they must learn how to avoid objects, steer around things and work out how far away their favourite toy or snack is. Using visual skills to work out where something is will help them learn to catch a ball, copy off a blackboard at school – even learn to drive! They will develop patience and persistence as they try different ways to reach their destination, and work out strategies to get them there, boosting their problem-solving skills. It’s about far more than just learning to get from A to B!

Communication and coordination

Children also gain a huge amount of self-confidence from learning to crawl – it allows them to do things themselves, to reach what they want without having to communicate that need to someone else, and learn to take risks. They discover how quickly they can get somewhere, work out how to make decisions about how they are going to get there, and then have the satisfaction of reaching their goal. These are all enormously important skills to learn and develop, but perhaps one of the most interesting factors is the fact that crawling helps the left and right sides of the brain to communicate with each other, which is what helps our coordination.

So what kind of toys encourage babies to crawl?

Taf Toys Crawl and Stack is a little truck that has an appealing rattle as it trundles along, and the tower of stacker rings rotate as it goes. What baby wouldn’t want to catch up with it and have go at stacking the rings? Or there’s VTech’s cheeky chappie, Chase Me Casey, a cute monkey who skates across the floor, encouraging baby to chase him. Clever Casey has sensors that can detect when a child is near, sparking sound and movement.