Learn to Crawl

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When parents have a crawler or a little one who rolls and is on the move, they will be on the hunt for toys that move too. Our collection of push along toys are perfect for little ones who are figuring out how to do that arm-leg-arm-leg crawling movement as they promote wrist extension, visual attention and hand eye coordination through colourful and engaging features. The Tiny Love Follow me Fiona is a fantastic way to encourage mobility and musicality at the same time. By crawling across the floor and pushing the toy in front of them, children will be rewarded by cheerful music. The product promotes gross and fine motor skills cognitive and emotional abilities.

Our range is regularly updated and it currently features reputable brands such as: Tiny Love, Lamaze, Oball and ELC. Each toy comes in distinctive shape and colours with its own unique features. Uncover more by visiting their individual products pages.

Baby Brands Direct has got years of experience in the baby and toddler industry. Our stable relationships with globally renowned brands along with our in-house expertise allow us to present you with the latest and trendiest learn to crawl toys. Our selection is not only appealing but it each toy design has built-in features to boost child's development. Nowadays, parents prefer to shop on toys that combine entertainment with education. As a result learn to crawl toys sales have been steadily increasing. It is essential to remember that crawling is a natural process of child's development and those items are the best tools to aid a child in its quest to start walking. Your clients will be delighted to see the newest items in your store, follow our comprehensive descriptions and you will also delight them with knowledge on your new stock.