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Little ones love to copy grown-ups - and that means playing with the kind of technology that we adults take for granted. Learning tablets are a good compromise for the parent who doesn’t want to say no to technology. These tablets come with screen time limits, educational games and parental controls that make them the safest option for small children. They are also made to withstand rough treatment from tiny hands!

It’s not a market to ignore either, with the global connected toys market set to more than double from 2019 to $13.8 billon by 2024.* Parents’ growing interest in toys that encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activity is going to drive this market.

Baby Brands Direct supplies Learning Tablets made by the experts in tech toys - VTech and Leap Frog - so retailers can feel confident in the brand and its quality, and your customers will see a name they recognise and trust.


Why do Learning Tablets sell so well?

The truth is that little children love to play with technology. They see parents and older kids with phones and tablets and they want to be the same - but usually they are not allowed. Parents are worried that they will damage an expensive piece of kit, or access something they shouldn’t on the Internet. Learning tablets designed especially for little ones - and Baby Brands Direct has tablets that are designed for babies as young as 12 months - take away all of those worries. Let’s face it, technology is all around us. Touch screens are used to make payments, to order food in takeaways, to interact with exhibitions in museums and even check books out at the library. It is a technology that children will need to get used to within the world around them.Thanks to the fact that these tablets are made for little ones, they are designed to be intuitive so that children can pick up the idea quickly and have fun using it without lots of complicated instructions. 

The benefits of Learning Tablets

Little ones love to press buttons and see what happens. Playing with a learning tablet is just an extension of that. Learning tablets are portable and mess-free, which makes them ideal for taking out and about - in the car or on a train, at a restaurant or when visiting other people’s homes where there are no toys to play with! The good thing about learning tablets is that they are designed to be educational while they entertain. The touch screen allows babies and toddlers to get used to interactive technology and gives the perfect first introduction to this kind of tech.

If you find that parents are a little wary about introducing technology to their children, there are some benefits that they may appreciate. Early research back in 2010 by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center (http://joanganzcooneycenter.org/) showed that children displayed a number of literacy benefits from using education apps, including improved letter identification and rhyming skills, along with better vocabulary comprehension. A game played during the study appeared to improve vocabulary by as much as 31%.

A research project by the Universities of Sheffield and Edinburgh, in partnership with CBeebies, explored how 0-5 year olds used apps. It found that there were a number of games and apps that encouraged play and creativity including music-making apps, drawing and painting apps and simple animation or film-making apps. Open-ended apps are best for encouraging creativity. The Leap Frog LeapPad Ultimate has access to more than 800 apps so there are bound to be plenty of suitable apps to choose from. Other skills children learned included turning the device on and off, learning how to find the apps, opening apps by tapping on them, using different finger movements to drag, trace, zoom in and out, and how to alter the volume. All useful skills that even some adults find tricky!